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  1. optimistic about it as a front line of and together Joseph Barry Carroll was a decent player a with the Warriors really about tennis center combination like this since the days of flickering. Clifford ray and George Johnson what they did what a champion

  2. know my kids playing together on the same team it's an incredible. On notice your parents got to got to be extremely proud. Tennis has a lot of those two guys how they were raised. And how to beat the odds is it's great to give them opportunity. To be

  3. Weis great coach and he's very detail as anybody. Prepared to go in the game and situation. We knew that the returns enough tennis player at that time so there went down there and put it on net while out. It was just it was great to see him out there making

  4. could really open it up early they were coming on strong it was a great thing Romo had a pretty good night. I'll play some tennis period goals with a shorthanded breakaway opportunity to once again. Sarah Romo you know what I don't think we talked enough

  5. Lemonier: 'We were more hungry'


    Sun, 13 Oct 2013

    got to come ready to play so when you guys nickel and who decide we're just stand up with a two point you're back on top tennis I do whatever you want. what's what's the hardest adjustment from college to pro is that the speed is decides to strip

  6. what is still lives right now so until that they have does. You know I'm the head record. That's you know it's late the tennis . And I know deep down. And I am plays that is our real Warriors insider we're very excited about this we hired who. Funny

  7. America and talk all the picks six to everybody that everybody saw what this series this bit. That it didn't happen. They're tennis isn't the it with a really you is lost sight of it just didn't just. Just the one that got away and got away a solid bought

  8. leagues so hopefully we can whereabouts baseball about That's what we impressions of the crowds here last year and and you Wear tennis in the street stuff that's happened this year with the the building and things like that. Yeah I've heard and apply here

  9. game. They don't do that take place a smarter brand of football. I think they just need more good football players to execute what tennis has put in place Bill Romanowski. And the corduroy kid Lorenzo Neal and breaking it down Florio at.

  10. You get back him if he was very. Tennis shoes she's artist on the gambit. Is great I mean. As far as captain he's going to be any different about today he. You

  11. gave so we determine at that point so we've just got to. Q do we did last year that's playing for another with the best tennis it's not a secret best chemistry of any team in the league. Had keep doing now we have a great home home court advantage

  12. 1-on-1 with Logan Couture


    Thu, 26 Sep 2013

    ll be. And you into the camp this summer it's got to be just an unreal popular right now but we're very inspiring. Yeah tennis fan growing up Canada. If you watch it. Can't along. Along watch the game. part of all. It over the green flag. Pumped

  13. know that you know I've seen teams make the last okay. Cincinnati in 1990 release. It's kind of wasn't playing great tennis over went right through everybody in the 1990 plus seasons I think. Okay well I don't know if there's any one way you you

  14. Harbaugh knows weaknesses strengths of of Andrew Luck. So I think it's going to be kind of pushed the again something funded the tractor in the game not many weaknesses when you're talking about Andrew Luck thank you very much tennis .

  15. that a good thing that you know of course is confidence and he goes down he's just forget about it and be confident that. Tennis council then and it. Because I was I have faith mean quite a I have faith me just any particular in my job it incumbent vote

  16. guys you know what's going on in. We just have to make adjustments and and make him work. Mean he is the leader noises. tennis everybody whether it's something that he does this is making a plea for so. Six. And continue. To. the way. It's

  17. of respect for coach Harbaugh are irrelevant. I'm Stanford tennis coach and Jonas and with different guys on your staff from ..... Stanford reunion the ball dropped five for Bowman's big. Tennis today Ted Robinson the course of the 49ers and will visit with

  18. over the I know what's at stake aside and I was. Live here. Stage ready just in case. Yeah I was on downs down stairs the tennis season in his head it's that you. Yeah yeah and then once. Okay if it hit and then they're the big go out. Check had

  19. in her daughter Kim and Giants lose to the school. And Giants we will be auctioned off of Buster Posey autographed jerseys tennis development for the I'll cut some good things are happening and in PP yeah pretty special moment I mean you know. Says that

  20. know since I've been here is is in bloom mobile home so yes today. Spent the whole day here just comical and overs to China tennis open though lane and I him put stuff in terms unfamiliar ways. In and as these kind of progress in comfortable out these suburbs