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Wed, 21 Aug 2013|

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Yeah. For a lot and I'm CS NNE dot com yeah. Also with us and it hasn't -- just to have that ball. She had him. Alex you got very very carefully here now thinking -- -- -- and then that. A lot of times it's how he's -- becoming -- have a good -- but that. Yeah he had some friends locked into that clubhouse Connolly from Venezuela but from some guys that she played a bit. Before pat Howell was my comfort factor coming over here knowing you knew him. Several guys in the clubhouse. Well yeah that's one of the teams you one. Right. When I can manage your team remains trying to be friends. You know all the guys on the team and we'll talk Filipino wanted to hear. I think you know for most all the guys on the team on the playing. To have my hands. Same team Wimbledon final he's you know us as. Absolutely and then you won't coming out here it's kind of undefined. Much of your friend not as a starter help out of the bullpen now than a little more defined than in the bullpen long relief. Different is it for use Venus starter being out of the bullpen preparation wise. Time Y a threat to -- all the things for the defense. As close but I came here until. So. We'll we'll be. The -- -- roles -- as a reliever you know it's going. Right now I'm I'm ready to go nuts over here and me working out and I mean the last cost us on the -- so I'm still going to be different between starters and relievers to pitch count. But I'm -- I'm available to do very well and. Both sides of the -- that you were with Oakland in 2011. So when he let you enjoy about -- the Bay Area. Miguel abilities and how I feel pretty good you couldn't instilling -- holiday it's. Against them in both sides that I know -- Clement and you know who's starting right. Tempers his hands you know. He does is really concentrate 1000. You know for us because that's how the fans of the team knowledge of the locals. OK so let's -- I had plenty of personal pretending you're actually position player with another team you have to face. Those Giants pitchers doesn't carry -- pitchers. And you absolutely not want to face on the giants' pitching staff and I I think move -- Funds hair as he led the and he went and told me he lets them -- we -- -- -- constant -- he the Jason. Don't want to face and smiling and he also doesn't not rocket I'm not thinking yeah. Yeah definitely want to yeah there there OK and then let that let's pretend again at that time. You have to throw against -- giant planet. Could you not want to -- not plan. One in particular yeah. Hence why. One of those guys you know everybody's Nomar -- boulder. Right solid red zone. There's this one of the guys that you have to make quality -- naive can you don't want an exhibition games you know and it. Those kind of guy that he's gonna happen all the time. Home and get him because -- I hit another really -- that I I didn't hear Hamas in Gaza and that event. (%expletive) and we appreciate -- months CS NNE dot com.

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  18. some really good defense against. But. It doesn't look on his defense and our coaches will will still go back Saturday Wimbledon made us. We yeah yeah. Yeah. It for you guys there is as good of shape them. He's enthusiasm you gotta gotta go out

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