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Rory McIlroy: 'It's great to come back as the defending champion'


  1. Tiger Woods0:57
Fri, 27 Sep 2013|

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We. That. Yeah. We knew that it went. Any easy to have. Francoeur is -- it's. We really -- anything excessive doses. He's okay that here we'll. Not -- much. These are. You know a lot and it's an analyst. Knows -- knows how -- Aren't you really. -- -- I -- you. All of them. What did you see in him from there. We had -- I mean he's on he's great player me so Tiger Woods roars any chance you. -- -- -- Yeah. We had you very well. He's. He -- for us. Yet that he's great. He's. He can't. -- he. -- We can't ask. This. You were. There things -- -- -- -- -- Everything back into the. I don't think we're. -- him. -- feeds it. Off. This is David vs the division division games. Any time when he needs. -- It. Man coverage burn. Me. -- you earned it good. Okay. -- -- Friends and he's Hendry -- under me this.

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  1. Tiger Woods -- 'The ball just doesn't go very far here'

    Yeah tiger comparing Olympics to other US open courses are there any. It's particular ..... shots that you need here more than other US open courses like maybe curving the ball or ..... playing Watson. Scott Simpson playing on US open venues period was always. Tough to be

  2. Dave and Ann: Hole 13 could make or break the Open

    to you from the Olympic club at the US open we found a perched ..... Phil and Bubba. Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson ..... extremely difficult Tiger Woods said in his press ..... Bubba Watson if Phil Mickelson a tiger was a little

  3. Dave & Ann wrap up Day 2 at the U.S . Open

    take two of the US open in the books and ..... slipping ahead Tiger Woods on the leaderboard ..... he is. At the US open . He looked pretty ..... they did think Rory McIlroy it would it would ..... when it began. Tiger Woods he's putting

  4. U.S Open -- Day 2 recap; Tiger prepares

    the historic Olympic club everybody as ..... coverage. But the US open I'm Dave ..... continues to be. Tiger Woods his practice ..... dumping this US open as the toughest ..... tiger as his Phil Mickelson the last time ..... was the 2008 US open at an event

  1. you really. I you. All of them. What did you see in him from there. We had I mean he's on he's great player me so Tiger Woods roars any chance you. Yeah. We had you very well. He's. He for us. Yet that he's great. He's. He can't. he

  2. Woods cruises to victory at Bridgestone


    Sun, 4 Aug 2013

    Tiger Woods held steady and coasted to a commanding seven-stroke victory Sunday at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational.

  3. NCAA championship. Stackhouse posted the lowest scores the US open qualifier at industry hills. For five under par 139 came on ..... a much improved outing from the first time qualified for the US open in 2011. She didn't make the cut at the major does the experience

  4. Golf now in the US open besides Tiger Woods clearly in pain most of the weekend he's got a bum elbow. He doesn't know will be fully healed open championship but tiger

  5. talk about the US open first of all to Justin Rose the US open or did Phil Mickelson . Well a little ..... narrative of Phil Mickelson heartbreaking ..... a year ago at Olympic club Johnny Miller ..... winner of the US open . Is it the same

  6. Sports golf X thirty joins us on the phone right now. And last year Eric big that was held just down the road here at the Olympic club . And it the course one how was the course playing and are more Pennsylvania through two days. The court is definitely winning

  7. appear. Golf is better with Tiger Woods Eric Byrnes most of America will be rooting for or against Tiger Woods at the US open I don't know if you are really ..... style. I always back to what Tiger Woods for me others Adam Scott Keegan

  8. us a couple things to sorrow is. Obviously Louis and then I was sort of apology. They need to offend anyone. I those to us caught off guard by the question. But the minute wrong. I understand that my answer was to at least have to replace. And and accuracy sorry about that. Also like to say sorry

  9. championship folded paper to the world. Then he most definitely could Tiger Woods . Finish is tied for fourth after a seventy. In the final round it ..... been fifteen since his last major championship that was 2008 that the US open .

  10. Rooting for Tiger: It's your call


    Mon, 8 Apr 2013

    The classy legend being chased by the heavily scarred modern day player. Tiger Woods ' pursuit of Jack Nicklaus is all too familiar for Giants fans.

  11. Why did you decide to come out with back. Go public with the relationship now. Was very simple you know we we are very happy where we're at but also we want them to limit. The rots in those these web sites out there and fall on us and you know that I've had situations where it's been very dangerous

  12. to eclipse 35 yards rushing. 39 Ryder Cup all your of that as they won the first four matches Luke Donald Paul Lawrie. Rory McIlroy Ian Poulter they'll wind you're needing only one points and retain the part timers are quiet. European captain Jose

  13. second season as 49ers quarterback in 1958 won the prestigious northern California amateur. He then qualified for the 1959. US open . Doing it again in 1981. That 22 years spin between appearance is still a record. And this same year Brody won the NFL MVP

  14. Comcast sports US open preview show ..... It's hosted US open coverage for sports ..... show live from the Olympic club . They utilized ..... McCarron in the US open play. Takes a ..... The big pairing Phil Mickelson Bubba Watson all

  15. years and you know I've got to know a little better through the bay hill tournament. But you know to win here with what happened to him I hope we can smile in the outfield Congratulates excellence Webb Simpson as the US open champion that.

  16. net studios with the morning minute from Monday June 18 will the US open champion. Came down to the final strokes at Olympic club on Sunday. But it didn't involve Tiger Woods . It's Webb Simpson who survives a little late threat back Graham

  17. a few birdies here and theirs and it's not. Like we have to go out there to six twos and sixty threes. This is this is a US open and a you know that TCU to hang around for you got a good start to through the first six and because anything can happen on

  18. Ernie Els breaks down his third-round 68, that has him at +2 and just 3 shots behind the leaders entering Sunday.

  19. for Friday June 15 after plenty of anticipation day one of the US open . He's in the rearview mirror and your leader. Michael Thompson ..... future. Comcast sports net bay got you covered from all your US open news live reports from human. all week in sports net central

  20. On the eve of the 2012 U.S . Open ...


    Thu, 14 Jun 2012

    Cannot even on twelfth US open championship the question is what should we expect this week considering ..... think we're gonna get more are you kidding me moments from this US open tickets Wednesday we've already got an RQ are you kidding me moment