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3.31: The Tim Lincecum In-N-Out Challenge



At what he has devised to help him keep that weight on following a start Tim Lincecum was the go to N out burger and get itself three double doubles two orders of Fries and a chocolate or strawberry milk shake her sometime she mixes into them together we -- our staffers say. Do you think you could answer that Tim Lincecum challenge take a look. He now infamous Lincecum challenge got the competitive juices flowing in the Comcast sports net newsroom so. Four of our staffers Adam Casey Chris and ran out and decided at that spindly 170 pound pitcher can do it why can't it. My job do the play by play make sure that the food gets home safely and maybe just maybe get myself book. -- burger out of and here we are. Fisherman's Wharf in and out. One of the best things about America right here. -- would be proud right about now. There's the hall. These guys are gonna love me. And about five hours they might not liking them. Gentlemen are you ready to channel your inner -- Yeah. Hey you know. Start your round Chris their strategy. Involved here. Think come and go. So rail as the smallest of the four contestants you feel you're at a disadvantage. That is good about dusty. Okay. Have your guys go got a you about a serious right now that they have everything has your game. Maybe you can -- that word about. You know it's that competitive eating version of the seventh inning stretch right there right ago. One murder flag come what was all the remains. Like yeah. Hell burger and it is not over here it's something you're great accomplishments should you exact. -- -- -- Was happy with the clear. That I. --



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Thu, 31 Mar 2011|

Four Comcast SportsNet employees embarked on a journey authored by Tim Lincecum.

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