Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving does not care about LeBron James' feelings


Kyrie Irving does not care about LeBron James' feelings

Kyrie Irving is adding fuel to the fire.

On Monday morning, the Celtics point guard was a guest on ESPN's First Take.

Stephen A. Smith: "Did you speak to LeBron James or talk to LeBron James before you and your representatives met with ownership and let them know that you wanted out?"

Kyrie: "No."

Smith: "Why not?"

Kyrie: "Why would I have to?"

Smith: "If you don't speak to somebody about it, they might take it personally."

Kyrie: "Yeah."

Smith: "Do you care about that at all?"

Kyrie: "No."

On July 7, Irving met with Cavs' management and requested a trade.

This news did not surface until July 21.

Why did Kyrie want out? One of the reasons -- he did not want to play with LeBron James anymore, according to multiple reports.

On Friday night, LeBron tweeted:

If you watch the video, you will see that Kyrie is prominently featured.

LeBron and Kyrie face off on Opening Night, Oct. 17...

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Draymond: 'That's what stood out to me' about Kyrie Irving trade


Draymond: 'That's what stood out to me' about Kyrie Irving trade

OAKLAND -- Though Draymond Green has spent the past three months enjoying the fruits of his labor, traveling the world, making friends and finding time for family, he still managed to keep an eye on this most intriguing NBA summer.

When the Warriors forward met with reporters Tuesday after the team’s news conference announcing a three-year jersey sponsorship with Rakuten, a Tokyo-based electric commerce and Internet company, one thing rang loud and clear.

Draymond has a new level of admiration for Kyrie Irving.

The former Cavaliers star expressed a desire to escape LeBron James’ massive shadow -- and the accompanying success -- and did what it took to maneuver his way into being traded to the Celtics, another Eastern Conference contender.

“You have to deliver with that,” Green said. “He’s basically saying, ‘OK, I’m ready to deliver.’

“He wasn’t a free agent. So he could have gotten traded anywhere. But he pretty much said, ‘I don’t care where I go. I’m going to make it happen.’ That says a lot about who he is, as a competitor. His character. That says a lot about him.”

It’s a gutsy move, to be sure, for Irving to want out after he and James led Cleveland to three straight NBA Finals appearances, all against the Warriors, with the Cavs winning one of the three trips.

“I wouldn't necessarily say it surprised me. I'd say more than anything, (it upped) the respect level I have for him,” Green said. “That's tough to do. I don't think people take into account that he put so much pressure on himself by doing that.

“But the willingness to do that, knowing the pressure that comes with that, and saying ‘I'm ready to do it. Let’s do it.' That's what stood out to me, more than anything.”

Irving’s departure doesn’t crush the Cavs, who have evolved into the greatest rival of the Warriors. James remains, and All-Star guard Isaiah Thomas was among the players going from Boston to Cleveland.

Irving’s decision to force his way out of a championship contender is not novel, but it puts a new spin on the Eastern Conference.

“It’s not the surprise of, ‘Hey, Kyrie wants to leave.’ That happens all the time; it happened with Shaq (O’Neal) and Kobe (Bryant), and it’s happened with a ton of other guys in the NBA over the course of the years,” Green said. “But for him to be willing to step out and say (I want to do my own thing) is big.”

Irving reveals at Celtics introductory presser he still hasn't spoken to LeBron


Irving reveals at Celtics introductory presser he still hasn't spoken to LeBron

BOSTON -- Kyrie Irving says his decision to ask the Cavaliers to trade him was not about LeBron James but a desire to maximize his potential.

Irving and Gordon Hayward were introduced as members the Boston Celtics on Friday, two days after the blockbuster trade was completed. Boston sent Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and two draft picks to Cleveland for Irving. Hayward signed as a free agent in July.

Irving says he hasn't spoken to James since the trade, but is grateful for the time he spent alongside a player he called one of the game's greats.

Hayward says he's happy to be reunited with his college coach, Brad Stevens. Hayward adds that Stevens was the first person to make him believe an NBA career was possible.