Giants Rewind


PHILADELPHIA – The Giants’ 9-6 victory over the Phillies lasted 14 innings, involved 16 pitchers throwing 507 times to the plate, took five hours and 46 minutes, included more cramping than a track


PHILADELPHIA – The Giants’ depth is questionable at best, and GM Brian Sabean is trying to remedy that with 10 days to spare before the non-waiver trade deadline.


MIAMI – Bruce Bochy answered the question with silence. You could almost hear his mind clawing the floor, looking for any escape.


OAKLAND – Forget the price of admission Tuesday night. It was debatable whether watching the Giants was worth the $6 bridge toll.


SAN DIEGO – The Giants would like nothing better than to get their house sorted before the All-Star break, win a couple series, restore their confidence and take a sense of normalcy into the second