The Miserablist


Alameda County is trying to sell its landlord interest in the Coliseum so it can get out of the A’s/Raiders/Warriors interlocking mess, but since the only other potential buyer is probably going t


I have nothing left to say about Bob (Leon Trotsky) Kraft and Roger (Longshanks) Goodell except this.

Thank you, boys. We all knew we could count on you. Now don’t let us down.


Tom Brady . . . er, uhh, Roger Goodell . . . oh, the hell with it. Go kill, gut, fry and eat each other. Just do it in hi-def.


Troy Tulowitzki is now a Toronto Blue Jay, which means three things.

One, the Blue Jays offense will go from No. 1 to No. 1.

Two, the Blue Jays pitching will not change at all.


Johnny Cueto is now a Kansas City Royal, meaning the Giants don’t get him but neither do the Dodgers.