Ray Ratto


Mayor Kevin Johnson fought for the Sacramento Kings to remain in Sacramento and won much praise for succeeding.


Larry Nance, Jr., is laughing now, because the Los Angeles Lakers’ pathetic courtship of LaMarcus Aldridge resulted in other teams complaining about their (and everyone should be embarrassed by th


Shame on Draymond Green, and while we’re at it, shame on Golden State general manager Bob Myers, too. Shame on B.J. Armstrong, Green’s agent, and shame on Joe Lacob.


This is one of those special days in the sports calendar when rich people gather together (in the same way that mobs on crank gather together) and synchronously burn vast amounts of money for serv


The brief but hilarious-tacular John Calipari-to-Sacramento rumor (which had the force of coming first from Adrian Wojnarowski of Adrian Wojnarowski) came and went with adamant yet unconvincing de