Urban: MLB Power Rankings -- Giants, A's stay put


Urban: MLB Power Rankings -- Giants, A's stay put

Aug. 1, 2011


Editor's note: Mychael Urban's MLB power rankings -- detailing who's hot, who's not, a little why, a little how, and what it all means.

Mychael UrbanCSNBayArea.com
1 (1)
Philadelphia Phillies (68-39) Adding Hunter Pence was a masterstroke. The best got better.2 (2)
Boston Red Sox (66-40)It'll be a war in the AL East down to the wire; rotation leaking oil.
3 (5)
New York Yankees (64-42)David Robertson might be the key to division race.
4 (4)
San Francisco Giants (61-47)Give them time to gel. It'll happen, and it'll be impressive.
5 (3)
Texas Rangers (61-48) Mike Adams makes them far superior to Halos in AL West.
6 (6)
Atlanta Braves (63-46) Michael Bourn gives them speed element they sorely lacked.
7 (7)
Milwaukee Brewers (60-49) Wanted to do more, but what they've done might be enough.
8 (8)
Detroit Tigers (57-51) Justin Verlander can't do it alone. This will be a bumpy ride.
9 (12)
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (59-50) Back of the bullpen probably doesn't have enough juice.
10 (9)
Pittsburgh Pirates (54-52) Yes, the Pirates. Top 10. Incredible. Great deadline deals.
11 (18)
Arizona Diamondbacks (59-49) Hold off on celebrations, Giants fans. They're for real.
12 (11)
St. Louis Cardinals (57-51) Something doesn't feel right, but heart of the order sure does.
13 (15)
Cincinnati Reds (53-55) Johnny Cueto really IS that good. These guys still gotta get better on road.
14 (10)
Cleveland Indians (53-52) Ubaldo Jimenez would be a lot more exciting if it were 12 months ago.
15 (13)
Tampa Bay Rays (56-51) What an odd feeling to be this good but not nearly good enough.
16 (17)
Chicago White Sox (52-54) Hunch alert: They've got a crazy-good stretch of ball in them yet.
17 (14)
Toronto Blue Jays (55-53) See: Rays. Such is life in the Division Owned By Two.
18 (19)
New York Mets (55-53)Expect to see this number dropping steadily from here on out.
19 (21)
Florida Marlins (53-55) Strange approach to deadline in keeping with strange approach overall.
20 (22)
Colorado Rockies (51-57) Trading Jimenez said it all.
21 (23)
Los Angeles Dodgers (48-59) Going nowhere, but good enough to take some contenders down.
22 (16)
Minnesota Twins (50-58)Had chance to pile up prospects, looked at division, said, "What the heck."
23 (20)
Washington Nationals (51-56) Smart to hang onto Drew Storen. Huge piece of future there.
24 (24)
Oakland Athletics (49-59) Curious lack of activity at deadline. Might mean free-agents-to-be are staying.
25 (27)
Kansas City Royals (46-62) Joakim Soria would have brought some nice talent in return.
26 (26)
Chicago Cubs (43-65) Couldn't unload the really bad deals they're now known for.27 (25)
San Diego Padres (47-62) Heath Bell: "So explain the waiver thing to me again."28 (28)
Baltimore Orioles (42-63) String. Playing out. And it all started so well.
29 (30)
Seattle Mariners (45-62) Quick, name a great young position player. Didn't think so.30 (29)
Houston Astros (35-73) Pence, gone. Bourn, gone. Are they trying to not sell tickets?

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Harbaugh takes blame for 'premature celebration' during 2011 incident

Harbaugh takes blame for 'premature celebration' during 2011 incident

It was Jim Harbaugh's first season as head coach of the 49ers.

The 4-1 49ers were in Detroit and scored 10 points in the final 5:29 to beat the Lions 25-19.

An excited Harbaugh got a little too agressive during his postgame handshake with Lions coach Jim Schwartz. The two had words for each other and had to be separated.

Six years later, Harbaugh took the blame for what happened and said that he and Schwartz have patched things up.

"I went in too hard on that, too aggressive on the handshake. I've since changed that. Not doing that anymore. Can't blame him. I went in too hard. And you respect him for taking exception. We've talked, and we're good. We're back to friends. There is a protocol in a postgame handshake. I've been there as the winner. I've been there as loser. You just, 'Hey, nice game,' then go celebrate. Premature celebration there, in the wrong," Harbaugh said Tuesday on Barstool Sports' Pardon My Take podcast.

Harbaugh sounds like he's learned his lesson from that incident with Schwartz.

"The postgame handshake isn't the place for anything. If you're bitter, than change the I to an E. Don't get bitter, get better. Nothing's really changing at the postgame handshake. Just professionally shake hands and go on your way," Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh moved on from the 49ers to coach the Michigan Wolverines. Schwartz coached the Lions through the 2013 season and currently serves as the defensive coordinator for the Eagles.


Ty Lue: Celtics 'harder to defend' than Warriors

Ty Lue: Celtics 'harder to defend' than Warriors

The Warriors possess four 2017 All-Stars, three 2017 All-NBA team members and had the highest-scoring offense during the offense. They are 12-0 this postseason and have won those 12 games by an average of 16.3 points.

The Celtics lost All-NBA point guard Isaiah Thomas for the rest of the postseason and don't have another All-Star on the roster.

But for Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue, it sounds like he has an easier time scheming to defend the Warriors.

"The stuff (the Celtics are) running, it's harder to defend than Golden State's (offense) for me, as far as the actions and all the running around and all the guys who are making all the plays, so it's a totally different thing. Like, they hit the post, Golden State runs splits and all that stuff but these guys are running all kinds of (stuff). And Brad's (Stevens) got them moving and cutting and playing with pace and everybody is a threat," Lue said Wednesday, according to Cleveland.com.

The Cavs rallied to beat the Celtics in Game 4 on Tuesday night to take a 3-1 series lead in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Despite the commanding series lead, Lue isn't looking ahead of a potential NBA Finals matchup with the Warriors.

"You can't. As much as you want to, it's not over," Lue told reporters.

The Cavs have a chance to wrap up the Eastern Conference Finals on Thursday when they face the Celtics in Boston.

The NBA Finals begin June 1 in Oakland.