Urban: MLB Power Rankings -- Giants take step back


Urban: MLB Power Rankings -- Giants take step back

Aug. 8, 2011


Editor's note: Mychael Urban's MLB power rankings -- detailing who's hot, who's not, a little why, a little how, and what it all means.

Mychael UrbanCSNBayArea.com
1 (1)
Philadelphia Phillies (74-40) One loss since Hunter Pence came aboard? Be afraid. Very afraid.2 (2)
Boston Red Sox (70-43)Good thing ESPN lets us know theyre a big deal. Who knew?
3 (3)
New York Yankees (69-44)As nauseating as it is at time, the AL East really is a riveting deal.
4 (6)
Atlanta Braves (66-49)Sixty-six wins and second place. Wild Card nightmare for NL.
5 (7)
Milwaukee Brewers (65-50) Winners of nine of 10; time to give front office big love.
6 (4)
San Francisco Giants (63-52) Yes, the Phillies pitchers are good. Yes, the Giants hitting is that bad.
7 (5)
Texas Rangers (64-51) Here come the dog days in Arlington. Does the pitching wilt?
8 (9)
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (63-52) Pitching isnt the problem here. Can they score with any consistency?
9 (8)
Detroit Tigers (61-53) Its almost as if theyre winning the Whos the least bad? division.
10 (12)
St. Louis Cardinals (62-53) Road record is impressive; back of rotation and middle pen, not.
11 (11)
Arizona Diamondbacks (62-52) Just cant take advantage of Giants recent struggled. Bad sign.
12 (14)
Cleveland Indians (56-56) The slide has started; dont be surprised to see it end in fourth place.
13 (16)
Chicago White Sox (55-58) Sounds crazy right now, but cant you see them getting into this?
14 (15)
Tampa Bay Rays (59-54) Going absolutely nowhere and just lost series to As. Still a solid club.
15 (17)
Toronto Blue Jays (58-56) Ricky Romero quietly having a year thatll make him rich soon.
16 (10)
Pittsburgh Pirates (52-59) Oh, boy. Here we go. Ten losses in a row? Great story gone bad.
17 (13)
Cincinnati Reds (55-59) Not a horrible team, but they never put all phases of the game together.
18 (18)
New York Mets (56-57)Still going to give contenders trouble despite already making tee times.
19 (19)
Florida Marlins (55-59) They hit a little, they pitch a little, they lose a lot. Makes no sense.
20 (22)
Minnesota Twins (51-63) Scuffling in a big way again. Looks like they wont join party after all.
21 (23)
Washington Nationals (55-59) Last place in NL East would be a contender in NL West. Wow.
22 (20)
Colorado Rockies (53-62)Double-digit deficit in division? Pre-season predictions were SO off.
23 (24)
Oakland Athletics (51-63) Where was all this hitting in the first half? Theyre interesting again!
24 (21)
Los Angeles Dodgers (52-61) Why they didnt sell anyone off given theyre finances is baffling.
25 (27)
San Diego Padres (51-64) Theyre going to be a thorn in the Giants side down the stretch.
26 (25)
Kansas City Royals (49-65) Theyre building something there. You have to squint to see it.27 (29)
Seattle Mariners (49-64) The epic losing streak made them seem a bigger joke than they are.28 (26)
Chicago Cubs (49-66) Lovable losers yet again. But dont take em for granted, contenders.
29 (28)
Baltimore Orioles (44-67) The farm system, according to scouts, does not paint a pretty picture.30 (30)
Houston Astros (37-77) Hunter Pence will be sending postcards from various playoff cities.

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Reigning AL MVP Trout to undergo thumb surgery, out 6-8 weeks

Reigning AL MVP Trout to undergo thumb surgery, out 6-8 weeks

ANAHEIM -- Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout has a torn ligament in his left thumb and will have surgery Wednesday that is expected to sideline him between six to eight weeks.

The Angels put the reigning AL MVP on the disabled list Monday for the first time in his career. The outfielder hurt himself a day earlier making a headfirst slide to steal second base in Miami.

At 25, Trout already is a two-time AL MVP. He is hitting .337 and has 16 home runs, second most in the majors.

Angels general manager Billy Eppler said an MRI revealed the tear. Team doctor Steve Shin arrived in Anaheim later Monday night, met with Trout and it was determined surgery was his best option.

"It was news no player wants to hear," Eppler said. "He's been put in a tough spot and it's something he's still digesting."

The Angels lost shortstop Andrelton Simmons to a similar thumb injury last season. He had surgery and was out slightly over five weeks.

Los Angeles was 26-28 going Monday night's game at home against Atlanta, and the lineup recently missed ailing slugger Albert Pujols.

Trout made his major league debut by playing 40 games for the Angels in 2011. Since then, he's been a five-time All-Star and has finished in the top two in the AL MVP all five seasons.

A year after hitting .315 with a .441 on-base percentage, 29 home runs, 100 RBIs and 30 steals, Trout was off to a dynamic start. He was leading the league in on-base percentage (.461) and slugging percentage (.742) when he was hurt.

"It's really hard to quantify (his loss)," Eppler said. "We're going to feel that impact and it's going to require multiple people stepping up in his absence. The team will fight as it always does. But he's in the heart of the order and a leader in the dugout. Those are tough to absorb."

Dodgers infielder weighs in on Harper's errant helmet throw

Dodgers infielder weighs in on Harper's errant helmet throw

Before the right hooks and haymakers, there was the helmet toss.

A very bad helmet toss.

As he made his way to the mound after getting hit by a pitch on Monday afternoon, Nationals right fielder Bryce Harper attempted to throw his helmet at Giants reliever Hunter Strickland. He missed by a wide margin.

Observers took notice, including Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner.

"What was worse, Harper's helmet throw or 50 Cents first pitch? Heads up in the #McCoveyCove," Turner tweeted shortly after the brawl between the Giants and Nationals.

Turner is referring to a ceremonial first pitch thrown by rapper 50 Cent prior to a Mets game in 2014.

Harper mentioned the helmet when addressing the situation after the game.

"I was trying to go after him, with the helmet or with myself, just doing what I needed to do keep it going, I guess," Harper told reporters.