Ahead of Game 3 vs Spurs, Iguodala & Zaza at different stages of recovery

Ahead of Game 3 vs Spurs, Iguodala & Zaza at different stages of recovery

SAN ANTONIO -- Though both are listed as questionable for Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals on Saturday, Warriors forward Andre Iguodala and center Zaza Pachulia are at different stages of recovery.

Pachulia was limited during practice Friday, while Iguodala walked out of the session sounding like a man ready to play.

“You’re never 100 percent at this stage of the season,” Iguodala told NBCSportsBayArea.com. “We all have to deal with nagging injuries. But I feel fine.”

Soreness in his left knee forced Iguodala to miss the second half of Game 1 last Sunday and all of Game 2 on Tuesday. He returned to practice Thursday at the team facility prior to the workout Friday in Texas.

Pachulia’s status is a bit more tenuous as he copes with a right heel contusion.

“Andre did some stuff with us today,” acting head coach Mike Brown said. “Zaza didn’t do much.”

If Pachulia, who sustained in the injury in the first quarter of Game 2, is unable to play, the Warriors have several contingencies.

They could start Draymond Green at center, as they did in the second half of Game 2, with Matt Barnes sliding into Green’s power forward spot.

They could leave Green at power forward and turn to JaVale McGee at center. McGee started 10 games in the regular season.

Less likely is the possibility that David West moves into the starting lineup, though he is a third option.

“If (Pachulia) can’t go, we’ll definitely talk about it,” Brown said. “With the roster we have, we have a lot of flexibility. We feel like we could start big if we want to. We still have D-West there. We still have JaVale there. We can go small with Matt Barnes. Depending on what the matchups look like, we’ve started Pat (McCaw) before.

“We feel about the different combinations we can go to, if need be.”

Does Harrison Barnes miss the Bay Area? 'I like living in Dallas, but...'


Does Harrison Barnes miss the Bay Area? 'I like living in Dallas, but...'

After four years in Oakland, Harrison Barnes was forced to leave town when the Warriors signed Kevin Durant last summer.

Barnes just finished the first year of a four-year, $94 million contract with the Dallas Mavericks.

So, does the former first-round pick miss his old home?

"I like living in Dallas but will always have love for Oakland!!" Barnes said in response to a question on Twitter on Sunday.

Barnes also picked his favorite restaurants in Oakland and San Francisco.

"Belly in Oakland or Amber in SF," Barnes wrote.

Steve Kerr keeping offseason routine in line: 'I'm not Jon Gruden'


Steve Kerr keeping offseason routine in line: 'I'm not Jon Gruden'

For the third straight summer, Steve Kerr has had a shortened offseason to work with.

While he is working on things for the 2017-18 season, he's not trying to cram as much work into a short period of time. He's taking time to relax and enjoy the summer.

In an interview with The Chronicle's Scott Ostler on Saturday, Kerr pulled back the curtain on how's spending the time before training camp starts.

“I’m on the phone, talking to Bob Myers, talking to our coaches and to different people. Writing down thoughts, putting together plans for our coaching retreat. It might be just something that pops into my head, where I just stop and write something down. But I’m not Jon Gruden, I’m not waking up at five in the morning and going to the film room,” Kerr said.

What could Kerr and Myers possibly talk about every single day?

“We talk about players, talk about roles. We talked a lot about Nick Young and [Omri] Casspi before we signed those guys. Talked a lot about our center position. Bob and I talk every day, kind of the first thing in the morning we check in with each other, usually talk for a half hour. We’re really close. He just got back from a great vacation, in Italy,” Kerr said.

Kerr and the defending champion Warriors get back on the court Sept. 30 in a preseason tilt against the Nuggets in Oakland. Then they head to China to play the Timberwolves twice before returning to face the Kings at home on Oct. 13. Four days later, they raise a banner, get their rings and tip-off the regular season against the Rockets.