Are Warriors shopping Harrison Barnes?

Are Warriors shopping Harrison Barnes?
February 19, 2014, 12:15 pm
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Multiple outlets are reporting that the Warriors have at least considered trading Harrison Barnes. (USATSI)

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The NBA trade deadline is Thursday at 12 p.m. With less than a day, rumors are circulating that Warriors forward Harrison Barnes is on the block.

Barnes, 21, is averaging 10.4 points, 4.1 rebounds and 29.2 minutes in 49 games -- 16 starts -- for the Warriors this year.

From Ric Bucher, Bleacher Report:

The Warriors are still looking to see if they can upgrade their core without laying complete waste to what they’ve already built. Don’t close the door on a possible return of Jarrett Jack, one source said, suggesting that the Cavs would help their campaign to retain Kyrie Irving by acquiring Harrison Barnes, who Irving stumped for before the draft. Knowing the familiarity between Lacob and Ainge, I’d be surprised if a Green-for-Barnes-centered swap wasn’t at least broached as well.

From Chad Ford, ESPN:

Would the Warriors trade Barnes (and R. Jefferson TE) for Deng? That's a good question. The Warriors want to win now and Barnes has struggled coming off the bench. Not sure who would go to the bench in that scenario. I've been told that preferably the Warriors find a big time power forward -- Kevin Love is the ideal. But it's doubtful they can get him for a combo of Barnes and David Lee. Would probably take Klay Thompson as well and that's probably too high of a price for the Warriors. But a number of younger players like the Pistons' Greg Monroe, the Sixers' Thaddeus Young, the Cavs' Tristan Thompson, the Nuggets Kenneth Faried, the Bucks' John Henson and the Raptors' Amir Johnson all intrigue the Warriors. They are telling Barnes and everyone he isn't available, but they aren't exactly hanging up the phone when GMs have called.

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