Bob Myers exploring all options on trade market

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Bob Myers exploring all options on trade market
January 12, 2014, 5:15 pm
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The Warriors need a veteran point guard, which may lead Bob Myers (center) to add Kirk Hinrich or Andre Miller. (USATSI)

OAKLAND – As the Warriors filed out of Oracle Arena for an extended break in the schedule and a weekend away from basketball, general manager Bob Myers leaned against a wall digesting what he has seen and contemplating what he must do.

And, yes, he has to do something. He must for the Warriors to position themselves for the playoffs and become a factor once they get there.

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A 99-97 win over the Celtics on Friday put the Warriors' record at 25-14, a pace that would deliver the franchise its first 50-win season in 20 years. Myers likes the roster. He has to, for he assembled it.

But even as Myers expresses patience, he knows the roster is defective. He concedes that Warriors fans also know this. Like fans around the NBA, he is profoundly aware that as we approach the Feb. 20 trade deadline it is high season for GMs.

So there is no break in Myers' schedule, no weekend away from basketball.

"There are questions that are answered every night,'' Myers told CSN Bay Area. "We learn something new by watching our team, and we watch the rest of the league. So the overall global message is we're always trying to get better – every day, every hour, during lunch, 2 in the morning.''

Myers made clear that team's health is of the utmost importance in making a postseason run, even more than possible roster changes. He also understands that tired players tend to be more susceptible to injury.

The Warriors' biggest star, Stephen Curry, has a history of injury. He also happens to lead all point guards in minutes per game. So there is an acute need for another playmaking guard, preferably a veteran capable of delivering 12-18 minutes a night.

The Bulls, having already traded forward Luol Deng, are active in the market. They also have a backup guard, Kirk Hinrich, who could address the Warriors' needs.

The Nuggets may decide to move Andre Miller, given the veteran point guard's displeasure with first-year coach Brian Shaw.

Those are just two of the names in which the Warriors reportedly have expressed an interest.

"Hopefully there is a team out there that, if we choose to go in that direction, is a willing partner and the deal makes sense for them as it does for us,'' Myers said. "A lot of times, teams are on different tracks as the trade deadline approaches, one team more of a seller than a buyer. I assume we'll be buyers. There will be sellers out there.''

The Warriors would like to leave their core intact, though it's conceivable the right offer would persuade them to part with David Lee or maybe even Harrison Barnes. The club doesn't have much to offer in terms of future draft picks, having traded two of their next four No. 1 picks (2014, 2017) and their No. 2 picks for each of the next four drafts.

So Myers not only needs at least one partner but also will have to get creative. He figured out a way last summer to unload the bloated contracts of Andris Biedrins and Richard Jefferson to acquire Andre Iguodala, but it the price was most of those future draft picks.

Is there a way, once again, to add an important player without losing one?

"I don't know,'' Myers said. "But we figured out (a way to acquire) Iguodala.

"Certainly, we could improve in areas, whether that's organic or not. Hopefully, it is organically. But our job in the front office is always to explore and look and knock on doors and see how we could make the team better. Everybody's doing that, so we'll continue to do it.''