Bogut talks relationship with Jackson, rips Smith

Bogut talks relationship with Jackson, rips Smith
May 27, 2014, 12:30 pm
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A wanker, pretty much.
Andrew Bogut on Stephen A. Smith

After weeks of relative silence, Andrew Bogut resurfaced this week in Australia and addressed several topics, including his relationship with former Warriors coach Mark Jackson.

It seems it was not as bad as suggested by the popular narrative during the playoffs.

"Mark was a players' coach, got along with all the players and played in the league and understood the grind and ups and downs," Bogut said. "So he responded to the players much more than any coach I've had in the league."

It always was an oversimplification of their relationship to suggest that Bogut did not get along with Jackson. There were disagreements and communication gaps, but no animosity. Their coach-player relationship was solid.

Speaking on the "Downtown" podcast with Aussie hosts Tommy Greer and Liam Santamaria, Bogut – referred to by the hosts as "Bogey Man" – was his typically frank self. Jackson fared quite well.

The same cannot be said of Bogut's view of his college coach, the late Rick Majerus, and it most certainly doesn't apply to Bogut's view of outspoken ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith, who questioned Bogut's resilience after he was diagnosed with a fractured rib on April 14 and missed the playoffs.

"A wanker, pretty much," is how Bogut described Smith.

"Wanker" is an Aussie insult that equates to the American term "jerk" – or worse.

As for Majerus, Bogut said he was one of the best coaches he's ever had. Then came the addendum.

"A little hard to deal with as a person," Bogut said. "He was pretty tough on me going through college and really made me . . . he really makes you question how much you love the game. That's about all I'll say about Rick Majerus."

Bogut said he continues to experience rib-cage discomfort and that he remains "another couple weeks away" from possibly resuming normal activities.

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