Curry: Kerr one of five best shooters in NBA history

Curry: Kerr one of five best shooters in NBA history
August 27, 2014, 11:00 am
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Stephen Curry's .4397 career 3-point % is third best in NBA history. Steve Kerr's .4540% is the best mark in league history. (AP)

In a recent interview with "SI Now," Stephen Curry explained how he is able to create the necessary space to get his shot off.

He was also asked to list the Top 5 shooters in the NBA right now.

His answer: "Myself, probably my teammate Klay Thompson, the guy who held the longest game streak of making a 3, Kyle Korver, and Steve Novak I would probably put in that Top 5, too ... I forgot about Ray Allen. Yeah, Ray Allen."

What about the Top 5 shooters of all-time?

"Gotta put Reggie Miller, gotta put Dell Curry, my dad, myself, Steve Kerr and Ray Allen."

Ray Allen's 2,973 made 3's are the most in NBA/ABA history. His career percentage: .4002 (36th best)

Reggie Miller is next in line at 2,560. His career percentage: .3947 (47th best)

Dell Curry is 39th with 1,245. His career percentage: .4019 (32nd best)

Kerr made 726 3's over his 15-year career, good for 131st most. 

So why would the Warriors point guard include his new coach on his list? Because Kerr's .4540 career percentage is the best in league history.

Curry, who holds the single-season record with 272 3's, is third all-time at .4397 percent.

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