Curry says ankle doesn't respond well after games


Curry says ankle doesn't respond well after games

It wasnt long ago that Stephen Currys ankle was the maintopic of conversation when it came to the Warriors. After spraining his ankleon Jan. 4 against San Antonio the third time hed done it in a two-week period Curry missed eight consecutive games.Curry has now played in four straight games heading intoTuesdays meeting with the Sacramento Kings.Curry talked about how his ankle is feeling after Mondayspractice.Question: How does your anklefeel?Curry: The ankle is feeling good. Itdoesnt respond well after games. It takes me a while to get back, get thesoreness out of it. But during the games I dont think about it, it feels good.You can be in shape or what you think is in decent shape to play, but when itgets to the schedule we have and being ready in the fourth quarter thats aprocess after missing so much time.So, still working on being in shape for the minutes Implaying. But Im doing pretty well.Question: Do you feel the differencebetween giving it two-plus weeks to heal and just two games or so?Curry: Honestly I didnt at first becauseit was still a little sore after games. You can feel it, though, how strongits stayed over the course of these last few games as compared tobefore.Obviously this is the most Ive played consecutively sincethe season started, but pain-wise, its felt the same. Weve been able to avoidanother incident, a non-contact turn of the ankle. Thats kind of an example ofhow its different now than how we approached it in the past.Will it always hurt?Curry I hope not. Its a full-timecommitment to try to rehab every day and do extra stuff to get my ankle right. Hopefullyus staying on top of it now and me continuing to play on it will help me getthrough this. So, next year when Icome back it will just be a normal ankle and I can keep going and keep pushinghard.

Warriors' Durant out vs Nets due to left hand injury

Warriors' Durant out vs Nets due to left hand injury

OAKLAND -- Scratch Kevin Durant from the all-82 list, as the forward will miss his first game of the season Saturday night, when the Warriors play host to Brooklyn.

A left hand contusion, sustained in Thursday’s win over the Clippers, will keep Durant on the sideline, mostly for precautionary reasons. He likely will return to the lineup Monday night in Philadelphia, where the Warriors face the 76ers.

Durant injured his pinky finger after falling hard in the opening minutes against LA. He remained in the game for another nine minutes, leaving with 1:33 left in the quarter and retreating to the locker room with a member of the training staff.

X-rays were negative, and Durant returned to the game. He played 34 minutes, piling up 25 points, 15 rebounds, seven assists, one block and a steal.

With Durant’s absence, every member of the Warriors has missed at least one game this season.

Source: Warriors contact Turner Sports about Shaq's abuse of McGee

Source: Warriors contact Turner Sports about Shaq's abuse of McGee

OAKLAND -- Mess with one Warrior, you mess with the entire organization.

That’s the message the Warriors sent out Friday in the wake of a Twitter beef between center JaVale McGee and TNT analyst Shaquille ONeal that began late Thursday night and carried into the wee hours Friday morning.

Coach Steve Kerr fired back at O’Neal, as did Warriors forward Kevin Durant. The Warriors, as a franchise, contacted O’Neal’s bosses.

Kerr spent a portion of his post-practice news conference Friday afternoon defending McGee from O’Neal’s relentless ridicule on the video segment “Shaqtin’ A Fool.” Durant said O’Neal’s ongoing critiques are “childish,” adding that O’Neal was a great player with his own imperfections.

Prior to the comments by Durant and Kerr, though, it was confirmed by that the Warriors contacted Turner Sports in hopes of getting TNT’s parent company to persuade O’Neal to curb the constant derision directed toward McGee because of its impact on his image and reputation.

The outreach was a direct response to a roughly two-minute segment Thursday night that was strictly limited to castigating McGee.

Upon getting wind of Durant’s comments, O’Neal turned to Twitter to tell Durant that McGee is a “bum” and to “mind yo business.”