A day later, Jenkins' breakout game 'doesn't matter'


A day later, Jenkins' breakout game 'doesn't matter'

Charles Jenkins showed up to Warriors practice on Mondayafter scoring a career-high 27 points the night before and he was the same,old Charles Jenkins.Which is about what youd figure.If theres one thing Jenkins has been since Day 1 of trainingcamp, its consistent. The rookie point guard has put in his time, kept hismouth shut, done what the coach has asked, and, finally, on Sunday against theBlazers had a breakout offensive game.In the NBA, you cant get satisfied, said Jenkins, whowent 13-for-22 from the floor and handed out six assists in the 90-87 loss toPortland. One thing I know about the NBA is whatever you did yesterday, itdoesnt matter. It was great, but we still lost. Cant get satisfied withthat. There were things I could have done in the game that could have helped uswin. If we would have won, my mood would be a little better today.REWIND: Warriors spoil career night from Jenkins, fall in Portland
One of the things Jenkins could have done is get theWarriors a better shot on the games final possession. With Portland crowdingthe 3-point line in the games final seconds, Jenkins couldnt make much happenand was forced to take a contested 3-pointer with the game on the line. It waswell short.The good news for Jenkins is hell likely get another chanceTuesday against the Lakers. Nate Robinson, who had been starting at the point,is suffering from a strained right hamstring.That injury helped put Jenkins into the starting lineupagainst Portland and its likely to funnel more minutes Jenkins way againstL.A. When Jenkins has gotten into games in the past, hes mostly tried to playit safe. Hes taken shots when there, but mostly been a facilitator andfacilitator only on offense.Against the Blazers, Jenkins who is averaging 3.5 pointsper game -- was more aggressive than he had been at any point thisseason.At the beginning of the game, coach told me to have fun andplay basketball, Jenkins said. A lot had to do with that conversation. Aswell as Steph (Curry) telling me Nate is hurt, Im hurt if you make amistake theres a good chance you wont come out of the game.And he didnt, but for eight minutes, and finished with acareer-high 40 minutes.Nobody, of course, is jumping the gun when it comes to howgood Jenkins can be. Hes still a combo guard trying to learn the nuances ofthe point guard position.But if there were concerns before Sunday night that Jenkinscould even play in the league, some of those concerns should be lessened.Jenkins isnt yet ready to challenge Curry for the starting point guard rolenext season. But the question is: Can he be Currys backup?Absolutely, its a realistic goal, Jackson said. Heshould do everything he feels hes got to do to put himself in that position. Its a doable goal. If Im him,Im thinking Ive got to come in bigger, better, stronger, more complete andgive myself a chance to get those minutes that are there no matter who isbattling against me.

New Clippers advisor Jerry West: 'I did not want to leave' Warriors


New Clippers advisor Jerry West: 'I did not want to leave' Warriors

After six years as an Executive Board member for the Warriors, Jerry West unexpectedly departed in June. He took an advisory role with the division rival Clippers.

It was a curious move for the 79-year-old. Leave the defending champs for a team in turmoil?

On Monday, the former Lakers legend and Hall of Famer talked about his move south an interview with The Athletic's Tim Kawakami.

"Frankly it was very sad, OK? It really was. A place where I thought that if I was going to work another year or if somebody wanted me to work another year, I thought I could contribute; I did not want to leave. I did not want to leave. I was very happy there.

But those things happen sometimes. Obviously to be around a bunch of players that were as together as any I’ve seen and I think more importantly the talent that was on that team and to see the joy. There’s a lot of joy there. I think those are the kind of environments where people really prosper."

West then explains why he's not with the Warriors anymore.

"It was time for me to leave. I’m in Los Angeles again. For me, I’ll have a chance to go in the office a little bit and watch some of the people that have been hired, to watch our coaches coach. I’ve often said I’ve done some crazy things in my life because of the timing and maybe the timing was right."

West won one NBA title as a player and has eight as an executive, including two with the Warriors.

The Clippers, along with West, get their first look at the defending champion Warriors on Monday, Oct. 30 in Los Angeles.

Steve Kerr: 'The most impressive thing with our guys...'


Steve Kerr: 'The most impressive thing with our guys...'

It's been a pretty good run for the Warriors over the last three seasons:

- 2014-15 = 67-15, NBA champions
- 2015-16 = 73-9, NBA runner-up
- 2016-17 = 67-15, NBA champions

And Steve Kerr is on record saying that his team will be even better in 2017-18.

The Warriors' head coach recently sat down with Scott Ostler of The San Francisco Chronicle and explained why he isn't concerned about the upcoming campaign.

“Ultimately, we’re in a great spot. Our guys are happy, they’re doing their thing. There’s no need for much drama. The most impressive thing with our guys is, people talk about Pat Riley’s book and what he calls ‘the disease of me,’ where you win a championship and all of a sudden, everyone wants a bigger role, more money, whatever.

“I think that is sort of human nature, to want more. But our guys I think, have a genuine awareness that they’re getting all that through winning. More is coming their way individually as a result of the team’s success.

"It takes a really mature perspective to feel that way.”

Nothing exemplifies Kerr's thoughts more than Kevin Durant's financial sacrifice.

[REWIND: Myers: 'Unequivocally' there is no Iguodala or Livingston without Durant]

He could have earned about $34.7 million yet agreed to a $25 million salary for next season to help the Warriors retain Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston.

Golden State replaced Ian Clark, James Michael McAdoo and Matt Barnes with Nick Young, Omri Casspi and Jordan Bell.

Otherwise, everybody else is back.

"We have a lot of momentum, and our guys have a comfort level, and obviously, we’re loaded with talent," Kerr told The Chronicle. "It’s fun to think about the season, think about where we can get better, players we can add. That’s what I spend a lot of my time down here doing, just thinking about what’s next for us.

“But I don’t worry at all about us being successful; I don’t worry about anybody’s ego getting in the way.”

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders and a Web Producer at NBC Sports Bay Area. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller