Did Jason Kidd purposely spill drink to get extra timeout?

November 28, 2013, 10:30 am
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Even after going down 27 points to the Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash-less Los Angeles Lakers, while working at home, the Brooklyn Nets had a chance to win on Wednesday night.

Even with Brook Lopez and Deron Williams out, and even after Paul Pierce and Joe Johnson combined to miss 26 of 36 shots, the Nets had a chance in the final seconds.

The problem with coming back from 27 points, though, is that you tend to burn through quite a few timeouts. Especially if your team is led by a rookie head coach that is still getting his feet wet when it comes to game management from the sideline.

To counter this, Brooklyn rookie head coach Jason Kidd made a veteran move, and literally attempted to get his feet wet.

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