Do Warriors have playoff roster in 2012-13?


Do Warriors have playoff roster in 2012-13?

Lets face it, since the trade of Monta Ellis to the Bucks,the Warriors season has gotten a little less interesting. The playoffs arebeyond a longshot and its pretty much about next season.So, if its about 2012-13, lets take a look at what theWarriors roster might be taking into account, of course, there might be sometinkers and subtractions.Question: Is this a playoff roster? And if not, what elsedoes it need?The Warriors may have a high draft pick andor a little bitof free agent money to add to the roster.Guards: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson,Nate Robinson, Charles Jenkins.Forwards: Dorell Wright, David Lee, RichardJefferson, Brandon Rush, Dominic McGuire.Centers: Andrew Bogut, Andris Biedrins,Jeremy Tyler.My initial inclination is that is not yet a playoff roster.Not in the West anyway. Heres what I think still needs addressing:Solid third guard: Curry and Thompson, ayoungish and inconsistent backcourt at this point, are going to need someonereliable backing them up. Ideally, the player would have size and be more of adefensive player than offensive player.The guys also got to be able to handle the ball and be ableto make a decision or two. Chances are, a player such as that would have apretty big role on the team. Curry, for example, doesnt figure to be playing36-plus minutes per game next season given his ankle issues.And Thompson will still mostly be an unproven second-yearshooting guard.Good big man off bench: Even assumingAndrew Bogut and David Lee are mostly healthy next season, there will still beminutes to be had behind them. More importantly, those available minutes willneed to be filled by someone more than just passable or serviceable if theWarriors are going to make it into the posteason.The player is going to need to be a good defender, just likethe theoretical third guard the Warriors need to get. Its tough to maintainthat such a player is currently on the roster.Ideally, the player would be more of a center than a powerforward, simply because the bigger the player the better as it concerns theWarriors. Yes, Bogut is a big boy, but Lee isnt a physical or plus-sizeddefender, and, overall the Warriors could use more athleticism on thefrontline.Upgrade at small forward: This would betough to pull off but its a place where the Warriors have to get better.Wright had a breakout year a season ago, but he has struggled this season.Jefferson is most definitely a professional, but his best years are behind himand hes not the athletic player he once was.Rush has exceeded expectations, but hes not consideredstarter material. McGuire is far more of a specialist than a starter.The Warriors could stand some more athleticism at thisposition, and if thats what they want, theyll have to look outside the rosterto find it.

Reports: Warriors can reacquire Andrew Bogut, but reunion not likely

Reports: Warriors can reacquire Andrew Bogut, but reunion not likely

The Warriors can reportedly bring back Andrew Bogut this season after all.

The league reviewed the rules and Golden State is eligible to sign Bogut, according to multiple reports.

On Thursday, Bogut was traded to Philadelphia and once reports surfaced that the 76ers would potentially buy Bogut out, speculation began as to where the big man would ultimately sign.

The initial belief was that even if the Warriors and Bogut wanted to reunite, the CBA would not allow it.

However, The Vertical's Bobby Marks pointed out:

Marks is correct.

And according to ESPN's Marc Stein:

As of Friday morning, Bogut is still a member of the 76ers. 

Paul Pierce responds to Draymond by trolling Warriors on social media

Paul Pierce responds to Draymond by trolling Warriors on social media

On Thursday at Oracle, the Warriors beat the Clippers for the 10th straight time.

In the middle of the night, Paul Pierce took to social media to do some trolling:

Why did Pierce take a shot at the Warriors?

In the first minute of the game on Thursday, Draymond fouled Blake Griffin on a jump shot.

After Griffin made the first free throw, Draymond sent the following message to Pierce (he was standing in front of the Clippers bench).

"Chasing that farewell tour -- they don't love you like that," Draymond started. "You can't get no farewell tour, they don't love you like that ... you thought you was Kobe?"

Pierce, who turned 39 years old in October, is playing in his 18th NBA season and is expected to retire at season's end.

He has appeared in just 13 games this year.

Pierce is a 10-time All-Star and was named NBA Finals MVP in 2008.