Five thoughts on Lakers-Warriors

Five thoughts on Lakers-Warriors
March 28, 2012, 6:25 pm
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Five thoughts after the Warriors' 104-101 loss to the Lakers:

1. Dominic McGuire has played--and guarded--all 5 positions on the floor...Every team needs one or two guys like him. 2. It's one thing to read on paper about how tall the Lakers are; it's quite another to SEE how tall they are up close. They were really dwarfing the Warriors front line. 3. Warriors co-owner Peter Guber was glued to his phone for a large chunk of time before the 4th quarter...on the same day he became part of the group to buy the Dodgers..coincidence?4. Andrew Bogut was very animated and into the game over on the Warriors bench. 5. The Warriors should be proud of equaling a team record for fewest turnovers in a game with five. They made the Lakers beat them, they didn't beat themselves. Bonus thought: I told Mark Jackson Tuesday morning that I thought Kobe was overrated--despite his league leading scoring average -- because of his high number of shots per game and his low (especially for him) field goal percentages. His percentages Tuesday night were still quite low (31 on field goals, 20 on 3-point shots), but a great many of the shots he hit -- especially down the stretch -- were the type of clutch shots that render great defense irrelevant. Perhaps the only thing overrated was my ASSERTION that Kobe is overrated!

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