Google proves 'Linsanity' isn't dying down

February 16, 2012, 6:49 pm
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In case you dont realize how popular Jeremy Lin is these days across the nation, not just in New York just go to Google to set yourself straight.

A quick Google search of Jeremy Lin on Thursday morning yielded 566 million results. Lets take a look at how that compares to other major names in the news these days:

Jeremy Lin: 566 million
Rick Santorum: 506 million
Lady Gaga: 461 million
Adele: 417 million
Kate Upton: 273 million
Tim Tebow: 114 million

In fairness, Jeremy Lin didnt come close to matching the Google results for Whitney Houston (2.07 billion), but realistically, thats probably a good thing.

One more Lin note: It appears that the NBA is determined to get the Knicks new star into the All-Star Weekend festivities somehow. And reports have surfaced that Lin will be a part of the Haier Shooting Stars competition, in addition to setting up Knicks teammate Iman Shumpert during the Slam Dunk Contest. So, if you thought the All-Star break would offer a respite from Linsanity, youd better think again.