Happy Thanksgiving to Oracle Arena workers


Happy Thanksgiving to Oracle Arena workers

Happy Thanksgiving to Ramon Martinez and the rest of hiscolleagues.Martinez is a security guard who works at Oracle Arena, andon most game nights you can find him stationed behind the Warriors bench. Hehasnt been there this season, of course, because there is no season.Were all hurting, said Martinez, 31, speaking for himselfand co-workers. I realize what were making is chump change compared to theowners and the players, but everybodys hurting from the top to bottom of thefood chain.Martinez estimates that hes losing thousands of dollarsbecause of the NBA lockout, which is now almost five months old. He says hemakes about 40 percent of his income working Warriors games and other eventsat Oracle Arena, but that percentage has taken a significant hit because theWarriors arent playing. My personal opinion is Im (disappointed) at both sides,Martinez said. The little guys arent making millions, but we rely on theseevents. This is how we make our money. Were not going to get a roll-back onour money.You have two or three games in a week, a concert or two andwere talking four or five nights a week of work. I dont like to take sides, Ijust know were not working. If they dont work, we dont work.Martinez said the arena workers who are suffering the mostare the ones who are retired from their past full-time jobs and now supplementtheir incomes with work at Oracle.Martinez has been monitoring the lockout and continues tohope a season will begin next month.As soon as possible, Martinez responded, when asked whenhed like to see games played. Im hoping for December 15, probably a littlelater. But its time for the season. It seems like theyre fighting overnickels and dimes, but what is happening is hurting people.

How Warriors fans can watch game this season with Larry O'Brien Trophy


How Warriors fans can watch game this season with Larry O'Brien Trophy

Once the NBA season starts, every player is out for the same thing -- a chance to raise the Larry O'Brien Trophy at the end of the year.

During the 2017-18 season, Warriors fans can watch a game at Oracle Arena with the prize possession right by their side. All you need is $2,000. 

If you can write the check, the trophy will pay you a visit in a premium suite, plus two bottle of champagne and a gift bag that includes a six-inch replica trophy and a replica championship ring. 

Fans are limited to four experiences with the trophy per game. 

Darren Rovell of ESPN was first to share the details. 

Damian Lillard: 'I'm not joining nobody' like Kevin Durant did, unless...

Damian Lillard: 'I'm not joining nobody' like Kevin Durant did, unless...

Kevin Durant. LeBron James. Chris Paul. Paul George. LaMarcus Aldridge. Kyrie Irving. Gordon Hayward.

Those just some of the superstars to change teams in the last few years in pursuit of a championship.

But don't expect Damian Lillard to add his name to that list.

While speaking on the latest episode of Complex's Everyday Struggle, the Blazers point guard was asked about the possibility of joining up with other stars to try to win a title.

"I mean, like I said about [former Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge], I wouldn't have done it. For me, I'm not joining nobody," Lillard said.

When it was brought up that he'd join LeBron if given the chance, Lillard responded by saying this: "I'm not joining nobody. I would not win a championship before I go and team up and do all that. Unless it was something I couldn't control."

A hypothetical scenario was posed to Lillard: Let's say you're 34 years old (Lillard is currently 27 years old) and you had the chance to join two of your superstar friends on another team. You still wouldn't do it?

"I’m saying this because this is how I feel, not how I feel at the moment. That’s just how I feel about it. I think if that’s what somebody wants to do, I’m not mad at them for doing it. I’m just telling you what I’m not going to do. That ain’t how we get down," Lillard responded.

To wrap up the topic, Lillard was asked if he holds it against any player that does decide to team up with other superstars.

"Nah, if it make them feel good, if they comfortable doing it, then do you," Lillard said.