If Warriors keep pick, they'll still owe Utah


If Warriors keep pick, they'll still owe Utah

Many Warriors fans are looking for resolution today when itcomes to their teams first-round selection in the upcoming NBA draft. DuringWednesdays draft lottery, the Warriors will find out whether they have theirown selection in the June 28 draft or whether they will lose it.This all goes back to a trade that involved the Warriorsacquiring point guard Marcus Williams from New Jersey back in 2008.To refresh, the Warriors will get to keep their pick if itis the No. 1 pick through the No. 7 pick. If the pick winds up being No. 8 orworse, it will be conveyed to Utah.While most Warriors fans are hoping for the team to stay putat No. 7 or even move up to one of the top-three picks that will still comewith a price. Should the Warriors keep their pick this season, then theyll bein virtually the same position next year with their pick and Utah.Lets say the Warriors keep their pick this year. What thatwould mean is that next years pick would go to Utah, unless it is one of thetop-six picks in the draft.If the Warriors were to end up keeping next years pick,too, it would mean that the 2014 pick would go to Utah unless it is one of thetop-six picks in the draft.So, for the Warriors to keep their picks in each of the nextthree seasons, theyd have to have the No. 7 pick or better in 2012, the No. 6pick or better in 2013 and the No. 6 pick or better in 2014.If the Warriors dont convey their first-round pick to Utahin any of the next three seasons, then the Jazz would receive the Warriorssecond-round picks in 2014 and 2016.The hope among Warriors fans is that they get to keep theirfirst-round pick this offseason and then make the playoffs in 2012-13. Underthat scenario, the Warriors would give their pick to Utah next season andbest of all, it wouldnt be a lottery pick.If youre looking for worst-case scenario, it might gosomething like this: The Warriors keep the No. 7 pick in this draft, but thenhave another disappointing season in 2012-13, putting next summers pick inperil again.Yes, the Warriors will find out today whether or not theyllhave a high draft pick come June 28. But even if they do hold onto it, theuncertainty with Utah isnt over.

Kevin Durant makes strides at Warriors practice: 'It's a good sign'

Kevin Durant makes strides at Warriors practice: 'It's a good sign'

Kevin Durant has been making steady progress in his rehab.

And on Thursday, he took another step forward.

"Did a little bit more today. Went through some 5-on-0 stuff, some lateral movement," Steve Kerr told reporters after practice. "Seems like he makes a knew stride each day. It's a good sign, but the four-week mark is a week from now so that's really when we'll have our first real update."

Durant sprained the MCL in his left knee and sustained a tibial bone bruise on Feb. 28 in Washington.

The following day, the Warriors announced that he would be reevaluated in four weeks.

Kerr also said that Durant will travel on Golden State's road trip to Houston and San Antonio next week.

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Steve Kerr responds to notion Andre Iguodala's hip strain a white lie

Steve Kerr responds to notion Andre Iguodala's hip strain a white lie

On Tuesday morning, the Warriors announced that Andre Iguodala would not play against the Mavs because of a left hip strain

"I would go with 'hip' every single night I was looking to rest a player from now on," 95.7 The Game's Damon Bruce said to Steve Kerr on Wednesday. "A little white lie goes a long way. Is it safe to say that Andre Iguodala's 'hip' is gonna look fantastic come Friday?

"I understand where you're going with this, but this was not a white lie," Kerr said in response. "Andre has had hip tightness the last three days or so.

"He played through it in Oklahoma City. And Chelsea Lane, our physical therapist, told me after the game 'Andre really needed the night off. It would be great to knock this thing out over the next few days, so let's give him tomorrow off.'

"And I always listen to the training staff ... hopefully this will knock out any potential injury."

[RATTO: With resting players, there's one obvious solution for Adam Silver, NBA]

On Monday night in Oklahoma City, recorded six points, four rebounds, four assists, two steals and a block in about 22 minutes off the bench.

Through his first 57 appearances this season, Iguodala averaged 25.7 minutes per game. Since Kevin Durant's injury, Iguodala is averaging 29.1 minutes per game.

How much influence do trainers and/or physical therapists have in determining if a player suits up or takes a night off?

"Coaches have always had to rely on the medical staff to help them with the decision-making process," Kerr explained. "I think where we've made progress is in the amount of information that we have. As a coach, my job is to kind of gauge where the players are. But we have a lot more knowledge now with some of the technology where the training staff actually can measure how fatigued a player is.

"I think it's a little easier these days for the training staff to come to the coach and recommend something and have some data to back it up."

Kerr is an advocate for reducing the number of games in the regular season, but he understands that's not a reality.

"I don't think that's gonna happen," he said. "I think it would be great, honestly, if they cut it back to 75 games ... but, let's be honest, there's a lot of revenue at stake."