Jackson on Curry starting: 'We'll play it by ear'


Jackson on Curry starting: 'We'll play it by ear'

Warriors coach Mark Jackson said during morning shoot-aroundthat he doesnt know whether Stephen Curry or Dominic McGuire will be in thestarting lineup Wednesday night against Memphis.McGuire has started the past four games for the Warriors,while Curry is beginning to return from a strained tendon in his rightfoot.Curry came off the bench and played nine minutes against theWashington Wizards on Monday, scoring 12 points on 5-of-7 shooting.
RECAP: Warriors score 41 in first quarter of big win over Wizards

Well play it by ear and see how he feels and try to gethim as close to 100 percent, if not at 100 percent, as possible, Jackson saidabout Curry possibly starting against the Grizzlies. Hes my starting pointguard, theres no question about that. But right now we want to make sure hegets healthy.Jackson also said the team has no set plan to increase Currysminutes incrementally. In other words, theres been no discussion of bumpingCurry up to, say, 20 minutes Wednesday night and then 30 minutes against Dallason Saturday.Well play that by ear, Jackson said. The other night(Washington) we played great from the jump. We had them at bay all along. Theright thing to do was not to rush him back. Im sure if I need him, hell giveus more minutes. But I thought last game we played extremely well and we got agreat effort across the board. So, there was no sense in playing him extendedminutes.

Thompson eliminated in first round of All-Star 3-point contest

Thompson eliminated in first round of All-Star 3-point contest

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson will not repeat as the NBA All-Star Game's 3-point shootout champion. 

In need of 19 points, Thompson managed only 18 -- that allowed Kemba Walker to advance into the semifinals. 

Houston's Eric Gordon had the high score of the first round. He went on to win the championship -- besting Kyrie Irving.

Thompson has made 182 3-pointers this season which ranks him fifth in the league. 

Draymond Green defends Kyrie Irving: Earth 'may be flat'

Draymond Green defends Kyrie Irving: Earth 'may be flat'

Kyrie Irving became a hot topic at All-Star weekend when the Cavs star point guard said he believes planet Earth is flat. No, really, he did

And it looks like Irving may not be alone. Speaking to the media Saturday, Draymond Green made it known he may be a flat-earth truther too. 

"I don't know. I haven't done enough research, but it may be flat," Green said

For those calling Irving's theory of a flat earth crazy, Green is looking at it in a much different way. 

"I wouldn't necessarily say crazy though," he continued with. "It's just his opinion. It's hard to call someone's opinion crazy, that's what he thinks. 

"Who’s to say that picture [from NASA] is telling the truth? I can make a round picture with my iPhone today, on the panoramic camera, and make it look round. So, I don’t know. I’m not saying I think it’s flat or round, I don’t know, but it could be.”

Green didn't say definitively that the earth is flat like Irving did, but he sure wouldn't say it's round.