Klay Thompson talks about forgettable game


Klay Thompson talks about forgettable game

Warriors second-year shooting guard Klay Thompson had hismost painful game as a professional on Saturday night against the DenverNuggets a 107-101 double-overtime hurter.
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Thompson missed two free throws in overtime with theWarriors up two points and only 13 seconds remaining. Then after missing achance to seal the win, he failed to foul Danilo Gallinari on Denvers nextpossession, allowing the game-tying drive and dunk with 2.1 seconds left. His shot selection was sometimes questionable and he took a real questionable one late in the second overtime with the Warriors wanting to nurse a four-point lead.Thompson finished 9-for-26 from the field, including 5-for-15 from the foul line. He played a career-high 55 minutes, but had only five rebounds, one assist and two free-throw attempts.After the game on Saturday, Thompson didnt talk toreporters. But he did on Monday. Heres what he said:Question: Is it too bad that after a gamelike that you have three days off to think about it before your nextgame?Thompson: "Not really. Youre going tohave bad games and youre going to have a lot of great ones. So you cant dwellon it. Its going to sting for a couple of days but the best thing to do from abad game is learn from it. Im, like 80 games into my career, I was bound to makemistakes. Its not going to happen again. Just got to learn from it. I think Iplayed a career-high minutes on Saturday night so it was good to have a coupleof days to get some shots up and stuff.Question: After you missed the potentialgame-winner last Monday vs. Sacramento, you seemed to want to be back in aclutch situation again. Now, how badly are you looking forward to being in thatkind of situation?Thompson: Im always going to want thatmoment. Any professional player does. Both free throws felt good, and I made amistake after that and didnt foul Danilo when he drove the basket.Ive got to learn from it. Its better this happened in theseventh game than the 77th game. Were going to come out and playreally hard Wednesday (vs. Atlanta) and Im going to try to make up for it. Andjust do the things in practice to correct myself. Yes, it still stings but ifyou want to be a great player youve got to put it behind you and learn fromit.Question: Have you ever had a situationlike that where you missed two free throws late?Thompson: I guarantee you I have sometimein college. Actually I vividly remember when we played Stanford and I forgot toswitch on a screen and they hit a game-winning shot similar to how I forgot tofoul Gallinari. So Ive done something like that before. And I learned from itthen, Im going to learn from it now. The best thing you can do is not hangyour head. I know my shots are going to go in, and as long as I keep playingdefense I feel like everything else would take care of itself.Question: Is the Gallinari play one whereas its happening youre going Aahh.Thompson: Yeah Im not sure what youmean by that I think I just forgot. Im going to learn from it. I forgot wehad a foul to give so Ive got to be more aware in that situation and I will benext time.Question: Did you leave the arena in youruniform? Did you just not want to deal with it?Thompson: I left the locker room for a minute and went into the roomwhere we have chapel for a while. I came back later and got my stuff. I justwanted to be alone, collect my thoughts for a minute because I was reallydisappointed in myself at the time,you know? I let my competitive edge and emotions get the best of me in thatsituation.But, I mean, I think anyone would. So I learned from it.Im just going to next time in that situation if we win or I fail, Im goingto know how to handle it,Question: Were you able to get away fromit all a little bit on Sunday?Thompson: I was able to get away from itSunday. I was able to do some other stuff besides basketball. Just relax, and Ineeded a day like that. We played two tough games Friday and Saturday night, aquick turnaround. It was nice to be able to relax. But I got about 100 freethrows up today, a couple hundred shots. I feel like Im good. I just need toget treatment.Question: How did you feel after playing(career-high) 55 minutes on Saturday?Thompson: I was really sore Sunday. I waspretty fatigued. Thats what these two days are for recuperation. Im going tobe ready Wednesday night. Im going to have fresh legs. But I was prettyfatigued Saturday night and Sunday. But feel great now.Question: Do you think the fatigue may have helped cause someof those mistakesmisses?Thompson: Im not going to blame it onfatigue. Everyone was fatigued out there. We played double-overtime. But it wasa long game and it was a career-high in minutes and but, nah I dont think itwas fatigue. It was mental. Mind over matter. Youve got to fight throughthat.

Suns guard sustains torn ACL in left knee


Suns guard sustains torn ACL in left knee

Brandon Knight may not take the floor next year.

The Suns guard tore the ACL in his left knee and could miss the entire season, the team announced on Tuesday afternoon.

He sustained the injury last week while playing in Florida.

Knight's production fell off during the 2016-17 campaign, when he appeared in just 54 games.

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He averaged career lows in practically every category -- points (11.0), assists (2.4), rebounds (2.2), steals (0.5), field goal percentage (39.8) and 3-point percentage (32.4).

The year prior, he registered 19.6 points, 5.1 assists and 3.9 rebounds per contest.

Knight entered the league as the eighth overall pick in the 2011 draft.

After two seasons with Detroit, he was traded to Milwaukee.

In February 2015, he was traded to Phoenix.

Knight is scheduled to make over $13.6 million next season, over $14.6 million in 2018-19 and over $15.6 million in 2019-20.

With Kyrie Irving reportedly requesting a trade from Cleveland, several national reporters have listed the Suns as a potential landing spot for the All-Star guard...

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Report: Blazers trade Allen Crabbe


Report: Blazers trade Allen Crabbe

Allen Crabbe will end up in Brooklyn after all.

The Blazers will trade the shooting guard to the Nets, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

In exchange, Brooklyn will send big man Andrew Nicholson to Portland.

Nicholson will not suit up for the the Blazers, as Portland will waive and stretch his contract.

Last summer, Crabbe -- who was a restricted free agent -- signed a 4-year, $75 million sheet from the Nets.

The former Cal star returned to the Pacific Northwest because the Blazers matched the offer.

Last season, Crabbe averaged a career-best 10.7 points per game, while shooting just under 47 percent from the field and over 44 percent from deep.

He averaged just 5.5 points in the opening round of the playoffs against the Warriors.

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