Kwame Brown, Dorell Wright talk defense


Kwame Brown, Dorell Wright talk defense

Had a chance to talk to Kwame Brown and Dorell Wright afterthe Warriors 92-78 win over the Knicks on Wednesday. It was only the fifthtime in the past five years the Warriors have held an opponent under 80 pointsin a game.Heres what each player said afterward Question: What did you used to thinkabout the Warriors when you played against them in your career?Kwame Brown: I thought they were tryingto get as many offensive possessions as they could so they wouldnt playdefense. They would just try to outscore you.Question: Any chance this teams identitywill become that of a defensive team?Kwame Brown: I dont think were going tolose our identity as an offensive team. Obviously with (Stephen) Curry and allthe guys we have who can score, points arent going to be our problem. Thereason why hes (Mark Jackson) preaching defense is because that was the thingthat was lacking previous years.Youve got David (Lee) and all these guys who can score prettymuch anywhere on the floor, so thats why you have guys like myself, Dominic(McGuire), Brandon (Rush) I think were all buying into the defense first andthen turn it into offense.Question: Can you build off thisgame?Kwame Brown: Oh, yeah. Its a testament to what the coacheshave been doing ever since training camp, drilling us over and over and overagain these slide drills that weve put in the works. And now were getting achance to showcase it on the court.--------------------------------------------------------Question: You like whats going on hereright now?Dorell Wright: I like it because itssimilar to when I was in Miami you know, guarding guys and having to playmultiple positions. And also just leaving it out there, rebounding and allthese small things that are going to help us win. I like the role I have now.Its all about winning now and defense.Question: Is it nice to play for a coachwho seems reward defenders?Dorell Wright: Yeah. Because now hereits not all about offense. In the past the Warriors identity was aboutoffense. Now its about winning and playing D and getting stops.When you shoot 45 percent you get wins like this againstgood teams and good players. Its always good to have a coach who has trust inyou. Weve got depth now. With Brandon (Rush) coming in there every singlenight I feel like its going to be a different guy.Question: Can you keep this up?Dorell Wright: Were buying into it. Webeat two good teams (Chicago, New York) that everybody is talking about makingthe playoffs. We just beat teams with two great scorers (Derrick Rose, CarmeloAnthony) and (Anthony) can score at any time. And he shot 3-for-13.Those are things that give you confidence to say that we canguard the best players out there. We all trust each other and thats what itsabout. A lot of people think its about individual defense. Its not that. Itsall about trust and your big men behind you and you knowing if this man beatsme Ive got four guys behind me to help. And were buying into the system.

Durant questionable for Monday's game in Philadelphia

Durant questionable for Monday's game in Philadelphia

Kevin Durant's status for Monday's game in Philadelphia remains up in the air.

The Warriors forward, who missed his first game of the season on Saturday, is listed as questionable for the team's game against the 76ers.

Prior to the game against the Nets, head coach Steve Kerr told the media that Durant's left hand was "still a little swollen" and called the injury a "day-to-day" thing.

Without Durant, the Warriors still managed to cruise to a 112-95 win over Brooklyn.

Durant injured his left pinky in the opening minutes against the Clippers on Thursday. He remained in the game, but late in the first quarter, he retreated to the locker room with a member of the training staff.

He returned to the game after X-rays came back negative. He played 34 minutes and finished with 25 points, 15 rebounds and seven assists.


Report: Bogut expected to join Cavs after 76ers buyout

Report: Bogut expected to join Cavs after 76ers buyout

It appears Andrew Bogut is set to see what the view is like from the other side of the NBA's top rivalry.

Traded by Dallas to Philadelphia on Thursday, the former Warriors center will receive a contract buyout from the 76ers and then join the Cleveland Cavaliers for the stretch run, according to ESPN.

On Saturday, the Cavs, Spurs and Rockets were all reported to have interest in Bogut if he was made available following a buyout.

Injuries have derailed Bogut's season. He appeared in just 26 games with the Mavericks this season and averaged 3 points, 8.3 rebounds and 1 block per contest.

Bogut was part of the two Warriors teams that faced the Cavs in the last two NBA Finals matchups.

Bogut's tenure with the Warriors came to an end on July 7, 2016 when he was traded to Dallas in order for Golden State to clear salary cap space to sign Kevin Durant.