Draymond Green named 2016-17 Defensive Player of the Year

Draymond Green named 2016-17 Defensive Player of the Year

Two days after Draymond Green said he no longer cared about the Defensive Player of the Year award, the Warriors forward got it anways.

After finishing in second place in the balloting in each of the past two seasons, Green received the honor Monday night during the NBA Awards show from New York.

Green beat out two other finalists, Jazz center Rudy Gobert and Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard. Leonard topped Green in each of the past two seasons.

1) Draymond: 73 first-place votes (5 points each), 22 second-place votes (3 points each) and 3 third-place votes (1 point each) for a total of 434 points
2) Gobert: 16 first-place votes, 53 second-place votes and 30 third-place votes for a total of 269 points
3) Kawhi: 11 first-place votes, 23 second-place votes and 58 third-place votes for a total of 182 points

Green posted impeccable overall statistics, leading the league in steals (2.03 per game) for the team that led the league in that category and averaging 1.39 blocks, as the Warriors also led the NBA in that category.

Green also led the NBA in defensive rating and defensive win shares, largely due to his ability as an irreplaceable force on that end of the court. Green starts at power forward but spends considerable time at center -- while also playing point forward on offense.

Green led the media balloting for the NBA’s All-Defensive team, racking up 198 of a possible 200 points. He was voted to first team on 99 of 100 ballots yet completely omitted from one ballot.

Green, who finished fourth in real plus-minus, averaged 10.2 points and 7.9 rebounds. He also led the Warriors in assists, averaging 7.0 per game.

Best Playoff Moment goes to ... Kevin Durant

Best Playoff Moment goes to ... Kevin Durant

It gave the Warriors the lead and is arguably the biggest shot in franchise history.

Kevin Durant's 3-pointer with 45.3 seconds remaining in Game 3 of the NBA Finals took home "Best Playoff Moment" at the NBA Awards show on Monday night.

With a little over 50 seconds left, Kyle Korver missed a corner 3 in front of the Warriors' bench.

Durant got the rebound, took it down the floor and drilled the pull-up triple on LeBron James.

"First off, it's a great stop. We got that stop, "Durant explained to reporters after the game. We know if we get it off the board and push, we're a dangerous team. I seen them (the Cavs) backing up, and I just wanted to take that shot...

"I just tried to to stay disciplined in my shot, hold my follow through, and it went in."

"I seen him getting ready to pull up, he uses a rhythm dribble to get a good look, and when K.D. shoots, he falls forward, and I wanted to get a contest," LeBron told the media. "The last thing I want to do is foul a jump shooter.

"So I wanted to jump and contest it, but I know he -- when he shoots, he kind of leans forward a little bit. So I just stayed there, high hands, contested, and he made it."

The make gave the Warriors a 3-0 lead and all but sealed the Finals MVP for Durant.

Isaiah Thomas (53 points against the Wizards in Game 2) and John Wall (game-winning 3 against the Celtics in Game 6) were also nominated.

The award was soley voted on by the fans.

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