Matt Steinmetz October 20 Chat Transcript

Matt Steinmetz October 20 Chat Transcript

October 20, 2010

Editor's Note: CSNBayArea.com NBA Insider Matt Steinmetz chats each Wednesday at noon to answer your questions on the Warriors and the NBA. Join in! From Sassan:
What have you seen from Jeremy Lin?Matt Steinmetz:
I'll give you this before we start. This is what I think. What do you think? http:tinyurl.com2emxlvv From Giacomo:
You mentioned that you have changed your wins total prediction. Higher or lower? What the new number? What caused you to change this number? If I remember correctly, you previously predicted 35-37 wins.Matt Steinmetz:
That was my ballpark, yes, but I think I'm moving toward a lower ballpark. I don't like that they have no backup point guard, are already thin up front and haven't established any kind of identity.From Jasper:
Curry said that he knows he is trying to do too much and this is causing the turnovers. Is there any sign that he is trying to improve on that?Matt Steinmetz:
You'd hope he's smart enough to reduce the amount of chances he takes. I'd like to think he's going to do that come the regular season. I don't like how much Curry turns the ball over, either. But that's about priority No. 10 at this point. From Timmy:
What's up with the 3pt shooting this preseason? Matt Steinmetz:
Warriors aren't going to shoot the 3 as well as last year. How can they. They lost Morrow, Watson and Azubuike?From Sco_Lo_Pro:
nice article Matt. it is an interesting story line for sure. not to minimize Lin's clear struggles but isn't it possible that the W's waiving Miles signifies more belief in Lin than before?Matt Steinmetz:
Sure, that would be one way to look at it, but I just don't think that's the case. If Lin isn't ready, it's going to be tough to even have him sit on the bench, with the crowd chanting his name, etc. Not to mention, that's a lot of pressure on the kid.From Rimrock:
is Coach Smart starting to worry you yet? Especially regarding Vladrad's minutes.Matt Steinmetz:
I can only assume you're saying Radmanovic is playing too many minutes. But Smart doesn't have a lot of other options. Brandan Wright has been inconsistent and Adrien is FA invitee. At this point, Radmanovic's got to be in the rotation.From RaiderFan:
Why doesnt Rodney Carney get more minutes? He's made the most of his time he received.Matt Steinmetz:
Well, Carney had been hurt -- a hip injury. So me missed some of the early games. But Smart said about a week or 10 days into camp that Carney was in the mix at small forward. Carney will have a chance to play 10-15 minutes a night, I would think.From AG:
Which player's play are you most surprised by in the preseason?Matt Steinmetz:
It would probably be Dorell Wright, although he hasn't been as good defensively as I thought. But he's shown an ability to do a few more things than you would have thought, mostly passing and rebounding. But he's got to set a better defensive tone than he has. I think he's got to get back to hanging his hat on defense and then seeing if he can still bring those other things instead of them coming at the expense of defense.From JD:
was it a mistake to not resign cj watson and azubuike? the bench looks very thin.Matt Steinmetz:
Well, Azubuike was part of the Lee deal so that's the way that one went. Interestingly, I don't think C.J. Watson would help much, either, because he's not a true point guard, either. Charlie Bell is kind of the defensive version of Watson, but neither players' strength is being a point guard. It's the decision-making I'm most concerned about.From Jamal:
Is it safe to say Lin would be playing overseas had Lacob not became the owner? Matt Steinmetz:
I'm not really sure. I don't know how big he was on other teams' radar. From Reed:
Do you think Monta has improved his game? If so what do you think they are?Matt Steinmetz:
The mere fact that Monta Ellis is engaged and doing the best he can in terms of leadership and chemistry and that is the most important thing. I really don't know where Monta Ellis' improvement comes from next. I'd say it should come at the defensive end. Next step would be to see if he can consistently defend like he did only at times a year ago.From Randy in Sobrante:
Is it just me or does it seem like the team does not take advantage of running on offense the way they did when Nellie was coach? From the 2 games I saw it was a half court offense being played for the most part.Matt Steinmetz:
The Warriors have no identity right now. They're not running like they used to, but their still not a very good transition defensive team, either.From Reed:
Are we better off, worse or the same in terms of the PG position this year? If you say CJ would not help then we are the same then.Matt Steinmetz:
I think you're worse because Curry is coming off full college season, NBA summer league, NBA regular season, and international summer. Now he's got 82 games ahead of him. There will be more backup minutes available at point guard so that's why I think Warriors are worse off.From DW:
I have seen different estimates regarding how long Aumundson will be out. Yahoo.com says 6 weeks...some reports say indefinitely, some say 3-4 months. It seems like it hinges on if he had a pin placed in his hand. What have you heard? Do you know if a pin was needed?
Matt Steinmetz:
I know the Chronicle said a medical journal put the recovery time at 1 to 4 months. Warriors put no timetable on it. You hear lots of different things. I've heard January for both he and Udoh, but those are just vague assessments.From Buster B.:
Judging by Lacob's decision to sign Lin....I'm worried about the owner's future involvement in basketball decisions. Should I be?Matt Steinmetz:
That remains to be seen. The one thing I keep hearing about Joe Lacob is he's going to be into it, he's going to be passionate, he's going to be more receptive, etc. Here's the bottom line: Chris Cohan was a certain kind of owner when it came to availability, information and involvement; Lacob is going to be a very different kind.From Jeremy Lin:
Why didn't the Warriors just give Miles a contract and drop Lin to the D-League? Matt Steinmetz:
Well, D-League hasn't started yet. Second, if the Warriors keep Miles, then Jeff Adrien has to go. Only Warriors are already thin up front with Amundson and Udoh gone. So, Adrien still a factor.From RHC:
When is the ownership deal gonna be final seems like its taking a long time.Matt Steinmetz:
We're just above 90 days, but will be done soon.http:www.csnbayarea.com101810img-srchttpcsnbayareacomcommonglobal_imalan... From Hoopaholic:
What is a realistic expectation, statistically, from Andris Biedrins? A Troy Murphy-style double-double a night is a bit much, but maybe double digits in rebounds and 8 ppg? Gimme a couple of blocked shots and more than 4 free throws made all season (4-for-25 last year ... yikes)Matt Steinmetz:
I'm a little worried about Andris Biedrins returning to the type of player he was three years ago. I think he's got an opportunity to average double-figures in rebounds, but it's no guarantee because I could envision him spending a good chunk of season in foul trouble. He and Lee are going to pick up fouls up there. I think 10 points per game is too many for him. I think Biedrins could give you something like 8-10-2.From Mike:
Do we have a big man coach on the staff?Matt Steinmetz:
Robert Werdann, who worked in New Orleans the past five years or so, is Warriors big man coach. He replaced Russ Turner, who took a job at UC-Irvine. From DaveyDHolmes:
what do u think of chuck atkins?Matt Steinmetz:
I am not a big fan of Chucky Atkins, but he would be major upgrade as backup one at this point.From Warriors FanKill Kali:
for you to say the warriors have to no identity is not true they have Monta and Curry that a good one to punch now they need to get billups from denver!Matt Steinmetz:
What I mean by identity is more a style of play. At least they had that last year and in previous years: they were an uptempo, small-ball team and it was as simple as that. I don't know what kind of team they are this year.From Thor:
Do you think Magic Johnson may be joining the Warriors ownership group?Matt Steinmetz:
I have no reason to believe that at this point.From Carmelo Anthony:
Do the Warriors want me?
Matt Steinmetz:
They would love to have you. You got any interest in being here long-term? Didn't think so.From Renton in Monterey:
Brandan Wright, Brandan Wright, Brandan Wright. Collect your thoughts and let it rip.Matt Steinmetz:
Guy's got to show more inner fire. If he can do that, he'll play.From Mike:
I think Biedrins really misses Baron Davis.Matt Steinmetz:
Absolutely, positively. That's why Phoenix was interested in acquiring Biedrins when there was all the Stoudemire talk. The Suns felt Biedrins would be perfect type of five to play pick and roll with when you do it with the five. Good hands.From Bill -- Elk Grove Ws fan:
Miami -- give 'em the East? Are they 3 players and a bunch of church-leaguers?Matt Steinmetz:
I've got something happening and Miami not winning the title. I don't know about the east. One of those guys gets hurt and it's over for them. Just don't see Miami winning it. They've got to still grow so much together and L.A. already there. Gonna take more than one year for Miami to bring it home.From ET:
Do you think Lacob signed Jeremy lin bc he believed in his talent? Or was he a PR move? Or was he a business move knowing that he'd be able to fill more seats and sell more jerseys? (Lin already has more styles of Jerseys on warriors.com team store than Lee or Biedrins)Matt Steinmetz:
There's no doubt PR played a role. It had to. I mean, on the Warriors home page they're selling jerseys and the guys they have in the ad are: Curry, Ellis, Lee,Dorell Wright and Lin. I mean, c'mon? Four starters and Lin? That's where I worry about Lin -- the pressure he's under.From Darren:
would the warriors entertain moving Curry for CP3?Matt Steinmetz:
Of course they would. Why wouldn't they? I was talking about Curry the other day to someone. I was saying that there is no doubt Curry was better than I thought he was going to be. And I think most people would say that. He's pretty good. But I think people are making a big mistake if they think he can be in same league as Nash (2-3 years ago), Deron Williams and Chris Paul.From Mr. Lee:
Who would you prefer to have right now, me or Anthony Randolph?Matt Steinmetz:
Right now, there's no doubt about it. I'd rather have David Lee. Lee is significantly better than Anthony Randolph at this point. Lee was a double-double guy; Randolph has been mostly inconsistent. The question is how good is Randolph going to be -- will he end up being better or more productive than David Lee. At this point, I have some doubts but it's not out of the question. Don't know if I'd bet on it though.From Brandon:
Where is the CurryLee pick and roll?Matt Steinmetz:
that will come. What Warriors are trying to do mostly right now is run more of a passing game, motion type offense. They're going to run a lot of pick and pop with Curry and Lee ... and Ellis and Lee for that matter.
From The Man:
Will we see any zone D this year?Matt Steinmetz:
Good question. I did notice Warriors were working a little bit on that the other day at practice. But not a big part at this point. From Luis:
do you think we should be worried that we can't win on the road?Matt Steinmetz:
Well, yes, that's one thing to worry about. But I don't worry about that any more this year than in other years.From Snorlax:
Will Cohan be the owner on opening night? What is the holdup with Lacob? Any word on the other investors?Matt Steinmetz:
Cohan might still be owner on opening night. But he might not be by Game 2. Then again, Lacob might be owner opening night, or it may not come till first week in November. But from everything I've been told, it's imminent and will happen within next couple of weeks.From Mike:
is motion game causing players to be tired in fourth quarter? Matt Steinmetz:
I guess that's one way to look at it. On the other hand, if you're in good shape, it should work to your benefit because the defense must respond to that style, too.From Rudy:
Does Gregg Papa have other suit colors other than brown?Matt Steinmetz:
Absolutely. I've seen him in navy blue and black. Also seen him go with the pinstripe look every once in a while. He likes that one.From Eric:
Any chance the Warriors make a major trade before the regular season or the trading deadline? And if they do trade someone, who do you see getting traded here?Matt Steinmetz:
I don't see a major trade before the season, only because this isn't the usual time for making deals. Before the all-star break? Well, I think that will depend on where Warriors are. Are they headed toward 33-49 season. Or are they exceeding expectations and in the mix for a playoff spot. That will go a long way toward determining.From Rudy:
Will Monta make the All-Star team this year?Matt Steinmetz:
I don't think so. If you just go down the list of guards in West, it's brutal: Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Brandon Roy, Billups and Nash still around. Russell Westbrook.From Evan--Lake Tahoe:
The Smart-Riley dynamic, how would you describe it? Typical for GM and coach? I know they're not sharing cigars like Nellie and Larry, but are they tight?Matt Steinmetz:
Yeah, they're good. Riley less interaction with Keith Smart than Nelson, although Riley wasn't having much interaction with Nelson over the past year or so anyway. I don't get sense Keith is in Riley's ear -- like Nelson was -- about making trades or moving this guy or that on a consistent basis.From GoWarriorsWin:
Haven't watch too much preseason yet as the Giants are in the playoffs vs your Phillies. Is Amundson injury going to really affect the Warriors early on?Matt Steinmetz:
I think the Amundson injury hurts. He's a backup center and energy guy -- not unlike Turiaf. Only Amundson played 79 games last year and Turiaf missed half the season.All right all. Thanks for joining. Regular season only one week away. I've also been informed I'll be doing some in-game chats this season so ... there you go.

With Warriors discussing the matter, Curry reaffirms White House stance

With Warriors discussing the matter, Curry reaffirms White House stance

OAKLAND -- About an hour after general manager Bob Myers said the defending champion Warriors would soon gather to determine their response to any potential invitation from the White House, Stephen Curry reiterated his personal views.

“I don’t want to go,” Curry said during Media Day on Friday.

Curry has previously stated this position, one he shares with several teammates. Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala also have expressed no interest in visiting President Donald Trump. David West has made clear his distaste for Trump’s boorish conduct.

But Curry has thought not only about the subject but also how he reached his conclusion.

“That we don't stand for basically what our president has -- the things that he said and the things that he hasn't said in the right terms -- that we won't stand for it,” he said. “And by acting and not going, hopefully that will inspire some change when it comes to what we tolerate in this country and what is accepted and what we turn a blind eye to.

“It's not just the act of not going. There are things you have to do on the back end to actually push that message into motion. You can talk about all the different personalities that have said things and done things, from (Colin) Kaepernick to what happened to (Michael) Bennett to all sorts of examples of what has gone on in our country that we need to kind of change. And we all are trying to do what we can, using our platforms, using our opportunities to shed light on that.”

Officially, the Warriors have made no firm decision. They will discuss the matter in the coming day in hopes of reaching a consensus.

Though Curry understands the final decision will be made every consulting with every voice in the locker room -- including coach Steve Kerr, who also has been critical of Trump -- he’s unwavering about his personal stance.

“It's not just me going to the White House. If it were, this would be a pretty short conversation,” he said.

“Like I said, it's the organization; it's the team. And it's hard to say because I don't know exactly what we're going to do in lieu of or if we do go or if we don't go or whatever.

“But my beliefs stay the same. I'll have a better answer for that once I can kind of understand where the group is, too.”

While Iguodala passed on delivering his stance, citing that he had been prepped on the subject by the team’s media relations staff, Durant -- like Curry -- said he has to take the opinions of his teammates into consideration.

“It's going to be tough to change my mind,” Durant said, “but we're going to talk about it as a team and figure out the next steps from there.”

West did not divulge his decision, opting to firmly state he “will let everybody know my opinion” once the team meets on the subject.


Thunder GM takes high road in response to Durant's Twitter gaffe, harsh words

Thunder GM takes high road in response to Durant's Twitter gaffe, harsh words


Kevin Durant didn't mean to lampoon the Thunder, later deleting the tweets, but he said what he said

Asked about Durant on Friday and Thunder GM Sam Prestie took the high road. 

"I think the only thing I can say to that is just to be consistent with everything that I have said and everyone else from the organization," Presti said. "I, and no one from the Thunder, really has anything negative to say about Kevin Durant, and I think we've been hopefully very open about the fact that we have tremendous appreciation and respect for what he and his teammates and coaches and everybody over his tenure here accomplished, and I really don't think there's anything more to say than that."

Durant called the actions "childish" and "idiotic" and said that his actions have impacted his sleep cycles and eating habits.

The Warriors first face the Thunder on Wednesday, Nov. 22 in Oklahoma City.