Myers excited for added 'physical presence ... veteran leadership'


Myers excited for added 'physical presence ... veteran leadership'

Warriors general manager Bob Myers spoke to reporters onWednesday about there-signing of Brandon Rush, signing of Carl Landry, andother team-related topics.Here are some excerpts from what he said:On the re-signing of Brandon Rush:Myers: Weve said all along we were going toprioritize re-signing Brandon Rush, and were happy we were able to make thathappen. I think he was excited to be back. He had a great season for us, fillsa lot of roles for us defensively and offensively.Obviously he had a great year shooting the basketball. It also gives us somecontinuity. There are some new players on the team. Bringing Brandon back -- asa player who has been with our coaching staff and some of our other players wasimportant.On the signing of Carl Landry: Myers: Were fortunate to have the opportunity toeven have a chance to get a guy like him. I Think we got him on a great value(two years, 8 million; player option in Year 2). He gives us mental toughnessand a physical presence in the paint, which I think weve lacked. He gives usveteran leadership; hes been to the playoffs.We just think hell help our core group, and were thrilledto have him on our team. Its nice see a player come to our team and not feellike we had to go crazy financially to get him. So were hopefully turning thecorner to the playoffs -- to where people want to play for us because theythink we have a chance to win.On whether the heavy lifting is over thisoffseason: Myers: Yeah, it is. Were mostly full on ourroster 15, with (Kent) Bazemore being on a partial guarantee. In regard toany major moves Id say unlikely. You never know what tomorrow will bring, but theway we played free agency -- weve made our moves and were content with ourroster. With that being said everything is fluid and things change daily but Iwould say that wed be happy if we began the season with this group.On where he sees the Warriors in the WesternConference pecking order:Myers: I think weve gotten better. We had aproductive summer. I think we made some good moves, going back to (lastseasons) trade deadline with (Andrew) Bogut. Wed like to think weve improvedour team. But if it doesnt translate to wins, it doesnt matter.Are we going to be competitive in the West? I think we canfight for a playoff spot, but promising anything is counterintuitive and notproductive. Weve made progress, were moving in the right direction. I dobelieve that strongly. Were going in the right direction. Were going tocontinue to do that.The key to our success will be health. Were under noillusion there. Thats been an issue with some of our core players, and wereaddressing that. All is progressing well on those fronts. If were healthy,well have a good chance to be competitive in the West. And thats our goal.Its a small goal right now and we hope to add to it.

Draymond expresses distaste for Raiders' move: 'I won't attend a game'

Draymond expresses distaste for Raiders' move: 'I won't attend a game'

Having been a member of the Warriors for nearly five years, Draymond Green has become a fan of Oakland and its people.

Considering that, as well as Green’s outspoken nature, perhaps it’s not surprising he expressed profound distaste for the Raiders’ impending move to Las Vegas.

“That's crazy. I feel bad for the city of Oakland,” Green told reporters Tuesday night, after the Warriors posted a 113-106 win over the Rockets in Houston. “I don't even know how that's going to work, honestly, with a football team moving to Las Vegas. I feel bad for the city.

“If I were the fans, I wouldn't attend a game for the next two years. But that’s just me. That's ridiculous. No way I'd pay my money to attend a game.”

Though Green roots for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the 27-year-old power forward has attended games at the Coliseum and developed relationships with members of the Raiders, a franchise established in Oakland in 1960. The team moved to Los Angeles in 1982, and returned to Oakland in 1995.

Green was 5 years old in Saginaw, Mich. when the Raiders returned to their original home in ‘95, and he, like many Bay Area Raiders fans, clearly is having trouble digesting the idea of them being based in another city.

“That's like moving the Dallas Cowboys or moving the Packers,” he said. “Moving the Raiders? You can move a lot of teams. Ain't many fan bases like the Raiders fan base. That's like moving the Boston Celtics from Boston or the Lakers from LA.

“You just don't move certain franchises with the fan base they have.”

The Raiders are the second professional team preparing to vacate Oakland. The Warriors, after all, are planning to move to San Francisco in 2019.

“It's one thing if you're moving them from Oakland to Fremont or something,” Green said of the Raiders. “To Las Vegas? I wouldn't attend a game. I won't attend a game.

“And I'm not a diehard Raiders fan, but I support the city of Oakland. It ain't for me and I feel like all fans should feel that way. You just don't do that. Come on man, that's ridiculous.”


Kerr makes NBA history with Warriors' win in Houston

Kerr makes NBA history with Warriors' win in Houston

Steve Kerr continues to re-write the record books.

The Warriors' 113-106 victory in Houston on Tuesday was Kerr's 200th win of his brief coaching career.

The milestone victory comes in just his 238th game as a head coach, making him the fastest coach to 200 career wins.

Hall of Fame Bulls and Lakers coach Phil Jackson held the previous record at 200 wins in 270 games.

In Kerr's three seasons as the coach of the Warriors, the team has won at least 60 games each year. Before the current three-year run, the Warriors never had a 60-win season in franchise history.