Myers has one mandate for Mark Jackson


Myers has one mandate for Mark Jackson

Warriors general manager Bob Myers spoke to the media onWednesday and addressed a variety of topics, including re-signing Brandon Rush,signing Carl Landry and how competitive he thinks his team can be in theWestern Conference, among others.Myers gave several detailed answers on different subjects,and theyre worth sharing.Heres what Myers said when he was asked about what style orwhat pace or what kind of team he thought the Warriors were going to be in2012-13, acknowledging that as the GM he wasnt going to be the persondetermining playing time, substitutions, etc.STEINMETZ: With Rush, Landry in fold, Warriors roster at 15
Myers: I think were talented. Wereyoung in some respects. That was the goal in free agency -- to add some veteranpresence, and we think we did that with Jarrett Jack and (Carl)Landry.So I think were well-balanced. And certainly I dont coachthe team but I do think weve given our (assistant) coaches and (head coach)Mark (Jackson) a chance to play any style. And that will be up to them. With aguy like (Andrew) Bogut, and players like (Stephen) Curry, Klay (Thompson),(Harrison) Barnes, David Lee, (Carl) Landry, Jarrett Jack, we really have theability to play fast, play slow, play halfcourt, play uptempo.The nice thing about our roster is we have depth atpositions. We can sustain a couple of hits at different positions, where werenot a team that if one player gets injured the whole thing doesnt get derailed whereas we might have been a little thin in the past.So I think weve put out a well-balanced group. Beyond thatweve got a great locker room. I dont think weve got any bad apples. I thinkwe have a group that wants to win, a high-character team. Again, not wanting tocoach the team, weve got a guy to do that, but weve given our coaching staffa group they can really work with. Its up to them to decide what style worksbest. And theres really only one mandate here and its to win. Thats the jobof the coaching staff (style, etc.) and were confident they can get itdone.Basketball operations, from the ownership group, myself,everybody, worked very hard to give them (the coaching staff) something to workwith. Im not sure we did last year, to be frank. Im not sure we could expectmuch from the talent we supplied the coaching staff.But I told Mark. I called him after the Landry signing, Isaid, Youve got something to work with. Which I truly believe. And I dontthink hes running from that challenge. I think hes embracing it. I think hessaying: Yeah, I do.Its up to them now to go forward with this group. I dontknow what your guys opinions are but I dont think its unfair to ask to goforward and do well with this group of players.

Reports: Rockets acquire Lou Williams from Lakers

Reports: Rockets acquire Lou Williams from Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have swung their first deal of the Magic Johnson Era, agreeing to send Lou Williams to the Houston Rockets for Corey Brewer and a future draft pick.

Brewer's agent Wallace Prather confirmed the terms of the trade, which were first reported Tuesday by Yahoo Sports. Neither team immediately revealed the trade publicly.

"Thanx for the love L.A., I've enjoyed my stay," Williams wrote on Twitter.

Williams led the Lakers in scoring at 18.6 points per game, playing off the bench. Brewer was averaging 4.2 points for Houston.

The trade came hours after the Lakers announced the firing of general manager Mitch Kupchak and put Johnson in charge of basketball operations - part of a massive front office shake-up.

And while the draft pick will help the Lakers' future, the Rockets just got deeper.

Williams has scored more points off the bench than anyone else in the NBA this season - and Eric Gordon, the newly crowned 3-point shootout champion at All-Star weekend - is No. 2 on that list.

Reserves have three games of 35 points or more in the NBA this season, all by Williams, all in a dazzling seven-day span in early December. He had 40 points against Memphis, 38 against Utah and 35 against Phoenix.

Williams has also been to the playoffs six times with three different teams, seeing action in 41 postseason contests. He's under contract for $7 million next season.

Brewer is also under contract for next season, at about $7.6 million.

"Thanks to everyone in the Houston Rockets organization for my time here," Brewer wrote in a statement released on Twitter. "A special thanks to all the great fans of the Rockets for making this city a special place to live and play."

Report: Warriors GM Bob Myers was Lakers' No. 1 target

Report: Warriors GM Bob Myers was Lakers' No. 1 target

On Tuesday morning, the Lakers made sweeping changes to their front office.

Magic Johnson is now the president of basketball operations and both general manager Mitch Kupchak and executive VP of basketball operations Jim Buss were fired.

Los Angeles -- looking to hire a new GM -- originally targeted Warriors GM Bob Myers, according to The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski.

But as Wojnarowski reports: "After Myers signed a recent contract extension, it became clear to Lakers brass that it would be unable to lure Myers."

In September, the Warriors promoted Myers from general manager to president of basketball operations/general manager.

Myers was named the NBA Executive of the Year following the 2014-15 season.