NBA players reject owners' proposal


NBA players reject owners' proposal

The 2011-12 NBA season is in jeopardy.It already was, you say? Well, maybe so. But after the NBA players announced on Monday that they were dissolving their players union, it is now more likely that the season will be canceled than simply delayed or abbreviated.The players feel that theyre not prepared to accept any ultimatums, said Billy Hunter, the unions executive director. They felt it was extremely unfair on the part of ownership and management to give them an ultimatum -- that they had to accept their proposal or confront a rollback to 47 percent (in basketball-related income).

We have negotiated in good faith for over two years and weve done everything anybody could reasonably expect us to do, particularly when you look at the give-backs and concessions. But the players felt theyve given enough and that the NBA is not willing or not prepared to continue to negotiate. Things were not going to get better.Hunter said an anti-trust lawsuit will likely be filed within days.RATTO: Blame the owners
NBA players have been studying the owners latest proposal -- a revised proposal -- since Thursday night. Commissioner David Stern indicated at that time that if the players rejected the offer, the league would reset the proposal to a worse one for the players.After the unions press conference, Stern shot down the notion of the players showing resolve by the move.This is going to wind up being a very unwise decision that will not be classified as resolve, Stern said. Theyve been badly misled.Stern said disclaiming the union is simply another negotiating tactic by the players and it will not have the desired effect in his mind, giving the union added leverage in bargaining.STEINMETZ: NBA will be fine, fans will return
Union president Derek Fisher said 30 player representatives voted unanimously on Monday morning to turn down the NBAs offer, and begin the disclaiming process. Disclaiming is not as comprehensive a move as decertification.Decertification is a process that usually lasts approximately 45 to 60 days, and conventional wisdom was that if the players went that route the there would be no season. Disclaiming the union is a less formal process, and wouldnt necessarily pre-empt future negotiations.Reversing the process of disclaiming the union is said to be easier than reversing the process of decertification.Stern also said that he believed the owners latest proposal would have likely been approved by the leagues 450-member union but that Hunter and union attorney Jeffrey Kessler didnt want to conduct a vote.What theyve done is destroyed incredible value that wouldve gone to the union membership, Stern said. We were very close, and they decided to blow it up.

Draymond fully appreciates 'witnessing greatness' of Warriors-Cavs trilogy

Draymond fully appreciates 'witnessing greatness' of Warriors-Cavs trilogy

OAKLAND -- The hoops historian Draymond Green has a message for those with short memories and cynical outlooks.

The NBA is never better than when The Finals have legendary potential, as is the case with the Warriors and Cavaliers, who next week become the first teams to meet three consecutive seasons to determine a champion.

“It’s a great thing for the league, contrary to popular belief,” Green said Friday after Warriors practice.

Warriors-Cavs Part III is, in fact, a fantastic boon for the league. Interest will peak. Ratings will soar. Storylines will cascade down every mountain, knoll and molehill.

“Right now, you’re witnessing greatness -- two great teams, great players,” Green said. “That’s what it is. It probably won’t be appreciated until it’s over. Say we meet again next year? It still won’t be appreciated -- until we don’t meet again and you realize what you had.”

What fans have is history made, with more in the making.

The Warriors enter The Finals after an unprecedented 12-0 start to the playoffs, becoming the first team to complete three four-game sweeps in a single postseason.

Another sweep, and it’s not inconceivable, would make these Warriors the first team in NBA history with a perfect postseason -- give them the distinction of having the best postseason in American sports history.

The Cavaliers enter The Finals after a 12-1 start and, moreover, with the reheated debate over whether LeBron James has a body of work that equals or surpasses that of Michael Jordan. James is one game removed from surpassing Jordan to become No. 1 on the all-time list for playoff scoring and will make his seventh consecutive appearance in The Finals, something Jordan never did.

Though a Cleveland victory would bolster any argument in James’ favor, a Cleveland loss might be enough to close the case in Jordan’s favor insofar as his Bulls reached six NBA Finals and won them all.

Warriors-Cavaliers has the potential to go beyond what most believe to be the most epic of postseason rivals, that being the Magic Johnson and the Lakers versus Larry Bird and the Celtics. They met only three times (1984, ’85 and ’87) but the NBA went a full 10 seasons with one team or the other in The Finals.

Being a student of the game, Green quite likely knows that -- as well as having a complete understanding of the possibilities ahead.

Even if he suspects others may not.

“But you usually don’t appreciate something until you don’t have it any more,” he said. “Maybe there’s just a lack of appreciation for greatness. When you look at the situation, most people have never reached greatness. So, maybe there’s just not an understanding of what you’re watching.

“I appreciate it. I’m happy we’ve been able to steam-roll people, and I love the fact that they’ve been able to steam-roll people. I just love great things. And I think right now we’ve found two great teams.”

Ayesha Curry shows off rap skills with Steph and E-40 on stage


Ayesha Curry shows off rap skills with Steph and E-40 on stage

Steph Curry has earned the nickname "Chef Curry" but his wife Ayesha is the real cook of the family.

Ayesha has paved her own path as a successful cook and was brought to BottleRock in Napa for a demonstration. As Steph and rapper E-40 joined her on stage, Ayesha took one of out of E-40's book and did her own remix of Drake's "Energy." 

In this version, Ayesha rapped about what she knows best -- recipes. 

All hyped up, Ayesha dropped the mic to the delight of Steph and E-40 himself.