Report: Sullinger medically flagged


Report: Sullinger medically flagged

Colin Becht
Potential NBA draft lottery pick Jared Sullinger has beenmedically flagged by NBA doctors, according to a report by ESPN.com.Sullinger, who averaged 17.5 points and 9.2 rebounds pergame during his sophomore season at Ohio State, has back problemsthat NBA team doctors fear could shorten his career.Related: Warrior workouts: Jared SullingerSullinger worked out for the Warriors on Thursday, andWarriors Insider Matt Steinmetz projected that Golden State would select the six-foot,nine-inch forward with the seventh overall pick in the NBA draft.RELATED: Matt Steinmetz NBA mock draft 2.0Now Sullingers draft stock is likely to tumble because ofthe medical red flag. The report noted that some team doctors have advisedtheir organizations to not draft Sullinger in the first round.
Sullingers father said the two-time AP All-American had a bulging area that was due to hishamstring and quads being so tight but that it wasnt serious.It pulled on his hip flexor and he's been taking care of itto loosen it, Satch Sullinger said to Katz. You can call it a red flag if youwant. But it's tight hamstring and tight quads. He's been to doctors, he'sdoing yoga and deep tissue massage. The flexibility is helping take thepressure off the area.
Sullinger missed two games for Ohio Statein December due to back spasms but averaged 30.4 minutes per game last season.He dropped nearly 30 pounds before the season to help him move better.Former Pittsburghforward DeJuan Blair was medically flagged prior to the 2009 NBA Draft whenmedical tests at the NBA combine showed he didnt have ACLs in his knees. Thatrevelation caused Blair to fall from a projected lottery pick to the secondround.
Colin Becht is an intern with CSNBayArea.com and a senior at Northwestern University

Report: Knicks agree to trade Carmelo Anthony to Thunder


Report: Knicks agree to trade Carmelo Anthony to Thunder

Carmelo Anthony has finally gotten his wish. He's about to be free from the rebuilding and dysfunctional Knicks. And he's headed to one of the more intriguing teams entering the 2017-18 season.

The Knicks have agreed to trade Anthony to the Oklahoma City Thunder, according to multiple national reports.

In return, the Thunder would send center Enes Kanter, forward Doug McDermott and a 2018 second-round pick to New York.

The deal will reportedly be finalized on Monday.

Anthony is the second marquee acqisition by the Thunder this offseason. They traded for All-Star forward Paul George earlier this summer.

Being singled out by Trump should be among Curry's greatest achievements

Being singled out by Trump should be among Curry's greatest achievements

So I guess the Warriors don’t need to have that White House meeting any more. And who’d have guessed it – the reason is that noted Trotskyite, troublemaker and rouser of rabbles, Stephen Curry.

Donald Trump withdrew the mythical White House invitation to the Warriors – again, in a tweet, where he does his most hilarious thinking – and singled out Curry of all people as a reason worth mentioning.

Curry. The quietest, most mild-mannered of public figures, the one who seeks the most placid path of daily existence, seemingly the most traditional of family men. He’s the problem.

I’d say you can’t make this stuff up, but you clearly don’t have to.

I don’t live Curry’s life – a fact which I am sure he regards as a very good thing – but I would like to think that being called out by this President is among his five greatest achievements.

He can arrange his family, his two championships, his college career and his friendships above it in any order he wishes, but having an invitation to the place that guy lives withdrawn in a tweet should be in his top five.

The invitation was mostly a conversational media gambit, in fairness. Nobody ever thought the Warriors would be invited, or that they would have gone if they had been. You could not have gotten Steve Kerr or David West to go at gunpoint, just to name two.

But you also could not have gotten Trump to stand next to the Warriors. Theirs was and is a symbiotic relationship built on utter revulsion.

But the fun part here is choosing Curry as the fulcrum. It’s as if one of his advisers thought Curry was the weak link that would make the Warriuors feel bad about themselves.

Except that we pretty much know that Trump doesn’t submit his tweets to vetting.

In fairness, though, Trump did do us all a favor. We no longer have to speculate on what might happen if a mythical invitation was proffered. We mercifully got to the end-game because the President doesn’t shut up. And because the Warriors can’t hide their nauseated faces when the topic comes up.

But Trump’s involvement might have slightly improved the team’s street cred by being the first team to be aggressively not invited by the White House to honor a championship since the Reagan administration. The Warriors may cause a lot of people’s teeth to grind for being so Warrior-y, but they sassed back the most sassable President since Richard Nixon. That counts for something.

But Stephen Curry singled out as the leading Bolshevik in the crew – now that’s funny. His family must be incredibly proud.