Report: Warriors 'likely' to secure first-round pick


Report: Warriors 'likely' to secure first-round pick

The Warriors won a tiebreak in April that ensured them a 72 chance of picking in lottery slots one through seven, and retaining that pick. If the Warriors lottery pick ends up being eight or higher, it is transferred to the Utah Jazz.

The team is looking to eliminate that possibility.

Golden State is engaging the Jazz in trade talks -- uncharacteristic in May -- that would send an asset to Utah in exchange for the outright possession of the first-round pick in question, according to an ESPN report."One source with knowledge of the discussions described the chances of a trade by Wednesday as 'likely.'"The Warriors negotiating pieces are the players on their roster, future draft picks and cash.

The pick was originally dealt by the Warriors to the New Jersey Nets, who then packaged it into the deal that sent Deron Williams to Utah in last February.

The 2012 NBA Draft takes place on June 28.

Jerry West 'will never go into' Warriors' new arena in San Francisco


Jerry West 'will never go into' Warriors' new arena in San Francisco

The Chase Center -- the Warriors' new arena in San Francisco -- is scheduled to open in time for the start of the 2019-20 season.

Don't expect Jerry West to attend a game there.

"I will never go into that arena. I shouldn’t go into it," West told The Athletic's Tim Kawakami on Monday. "But I think it’s going to be ... I’ve seen the plans, and it’s spectacular. A lot of creative thinking has gone on with that organization.

"I think for the people who want the best, they’re going to get it. It’ll be filled with a hopefully a great team for a few years."

West, who spent the past six seasons as an executive board member with the Warriors, is now an advisor for the Clippers.

He attended Game 5 of the 2017 NBA Finals and believes Oracle Arena is a special venue.

"There’s an aura, there’s an excitement about that place," West explained. "To think that they’re going to leave that environment, I’m hopeful they can capture that same environment.

"The fans, in my time up there, saw some real special things happen. The fans saw some things that I never dreamed possible that they could do. I remember we were playing Sacramento, real close game at halftime. One of those games that was like, hopefully we can win this game. And Klay Thompson comes out and scores 37 points in the third quarter. That may not happen again in the NBA. That was special."

Although West says he did not want to leave Golden State and never thought he'd work anywhere else again, he doesn't sound like a man who has hard feelings.

"Trust me, I’ll be rooting for them. It’s hard not to root for something real special, OK?"

His job is to help assemble a team that can beat the Warriors, but according to The Logo, everybody else is playing for second place in 2017-18.

"I just don’t see anyone being able to beat them, period ... I hope I don’t put a jinx on them. I’d like to see Kevin (Durant) in particular win more championships."

Rookie survey: Durant no longer 'favorite player,' Curry gets zero votes


Rookie survey: Durant no longer 'favorite player,' Curry gets zero votes

The 2017 rookie class isn't too fond of Steph Curry.

The results of NBA.com's annual Rookie Survey were released on Tuesday morning.

In the "Who is your favorite player in the league" category, Curry did not receive a single vote.

1) LeBron James -- 31.5 percent
2) Russell Westbrook -- 19.4 percent
3) Kawhi Leonard -- 8.3 percent
4) James Harden -- 6.5 percent
5) Kevin Durant -- 5.6 percent
5) Draymond Green -- 5.6 percent

7) Anthony Davis -- 4.2 percent
8) Kyrie Irving -- 3.7 percent

Others receiving votes -- Carmelo Anthony, Jamal Crawford, Pau Gasol, Paul George, Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard

Last year, Curry did receive some votes and in 2015 he tied for fourth at 9.1 percent.

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Even more noteworthy perhaps is that Durant's three-year run as the favorite player came to an end:

- 2016: 29.7 percent
- 2015: 21.2 percent
- 2014: 25 percent

Apparently, winning the championship and NBA Finals MVP isn't enough to impress 18-year olds...

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