Spurs say their Bay Area hotel was haunted

Spurs say their Bay Area hotel was haunted
March 25, 2014, 9:15 pm
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The Spurs claim their Berkeley hotel was haunted when visitng the Warriors on their most recent road trip. (USATSI)


The most famous of the reportedly haunted hotels that regularly cater to NBA teams is the Skirvin Hilton in Oklahoma City (Eddy Curry once reported an incident there, but that might have just been his stomach rumbling).

However, there is one in the Bay Area, too — the Claremont Resort in Berkeley. Among the spirits reportedly seen there is a six-year-old girl who allegedly died at the hotel.

The Spurs stayed at the Claremont recently when playing the Warriors and Jeff Ayres has a story to tell, via the San Antonio Express-News.

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