Steinmetz: Losing Streak Perspective, Lee Update


Steinmetz: Losing Streak Perspective, Lee Update


This is why it was amistake to make too much out of the Warriors' 6-2 start. Not because itwasn't a good start -- it was, favorable schedule or not.But you can't get excited about a 6-2 start for the simple reason thatan NBA season is too darned long and there are just so many things thatcan happen on the way to Game No. 82.But bear with me, Warriors fans -- don't get too down if the Warriorsslip to 7-10 or 8-11. It's very possible. After all, how are theWarriors going to win on the road without four of their big men whenthey couldn't win at home without four of their big men?The point is this - it's probably going to get worse for the Warriors before it can get better.--Warriors forward David Lee talked before the game about his elbowlaceration and infection, and some very anxious moments. Lee suffered abite wound when he inadvertently hit New York's Wilson Chandler with anelbow in the mouth on Nov. 10.Lee hopes to return in about a week."Doing a lot better," said Lee, who has missed the past six games. "It's just going to be a matter now of having the wound heal from whenthey did the surgeries. It's very, very scary to me. After that Bulls'game, it felt like I was more or less out of the woods. But howinfections work, until they found that right antibiotic they weregiving me strong stuff and nothing was helping""They were saying if we don't get this thing better soon, we're cuttingyour arm from here to here (mid-bicep to mid-forearm), filleting thewhole thing open. They were saying about cutting out your bicep muscle,your forearm muscle. We don't know what's going on; we don't know howquick it's progressing. So the fact that it could be limited to atwo-week situation or two-and-a-half week deal, is a real blessing."-- Lee had a funny line about the Warriors' 117-89 blowout loss to theLakers on Sunday, one he watched on television in the Bay Area."You know what? Last night, last night was a tough night," Lee said ofthe rout. "I kept hearing (the broadcasters) saying - "Oh, if they hadDavid Lee." I said: "If they had me, what? They held me to zeropoints down there last time."

Klay must have one thing before every game or 'chalk it up as a loss for me'

Klay must have one thing before every game or 'chalk it up as a loss for me'

Klay Thompson is really good at basketball.

He's been an All-Star three straight years and was named Third-Team All-NBA the last two seasons.

What's the secret to his success? He recently talked about his preparation with CBS Sports:

"My approach to the game is a lot more caluculated now -- as far as getting my rest, recovery after a big workout. Balancing your life is essential; on the court, off the court -- it's huge.

"As a high school player and as a collegiate, I would just kind of show up and play. As a professional, I have a certain routine that is very regimented. If I don't have a gameday nap you might as well chalk it up as a loss for me. I have to have my gameday nap just to get my mind right, get a little rest, maximize your energy for the game.

"Whether it's the arena or the practice gym, we're always there. Don't get to see the light of day sometimes so it's very important for me to get outside -- get some sun, get some fresh air.

"You have to get your mind off the game. I'm really a simple man -- it could be just sitting outside reading a book or playing pool, playing chess, video games. I love to take my dog, Rocco, to the park -- just stuff to keep your mind active, or your body active and get away from baskteball.

"You need that balance in your life. You can't just get totally consumed by basketball and then it kind of wears on your happiness. You gotta have a certain balance so you are eager to go to the game every day, and your hungry to get in the arena and put on a show."

First thing that comes to mind: McCollum's six words to describe Warriors

First thing that comes to mind: McCollum's six words to describe Warriors

The Warriors ended the Blazers' season with a 128-103 victory in Game 4 on Monday night.

And Portland shooting guard C.J. McCollum now has some free time on his hands.

On Thursday, his flight got delayed, so he held an impromptu Q&A on Twitter.

One question asked: "First thing that comes to mind when u think of the Warriors?'

McCollum's response:

The Warriors averaged over 27 assists in the series and shot over 40 percent from 3-point territory.

Golden State has ended Portland's season each of the last two years.

McCollum was terrific in Game 1 (41 points) and Game 3 (32 points) but struggled in Game 2 (11 points, 4 for 17) and Game 4 (six points, 2 for 12).

Next season is Year 1 of the 4-year, $106.6 million contract he signed last summer.