Steinmetz's Instant Replay: Warriors 107, Suns 92


Steinmetz's Instant Replay: Warriors 107, Suns 92


OAKLAND The Warriors completed their preseason on Tuesday night, but there remain unknowns about what will happen when the team starts to play for real.With their 107-92 victory over the Suns at Oracle, the Warriors finished the preseason with a 6-2 record. Those are nice numbers, but who knows what they mean?The Warriors are still a very difficult team to gauge because they played all of the preseason without Andrew Bogut and some of it without point guard Stephen Curry.And the two questions that were asked before the start of training camp are still being asked: When will Bogut play and can Curry stay healthy?We still dont know the answers to those questions.What we do know, however, is coach Mark Jackson will rely heavily on David Lee and Klay Thompson just like he did during all of the preseason.Lee had 16 points and five rebounds, and Thompson finished with 12 points, three rebounds and three assists against the Suns. Neither of those players logged as many minutes as they have been averaging in the preseason, but then again, the Warriors open the regular season against the Suns on Oct. 31. No sense in letting them in on all things Warriors.If theres one thing the Warriors figure to rely on this season, its their depth. On Tuesday, the Warriors got contributions from Carl Landry (13 points), Harrison Barnes (16 points) and Jarrett Jack (13 points, nine assists).Now, you throw in a healthy Curry and Bogut, and the Warriors very well might have something. Without those two players, who really knows what you have?For the win: The Warriors 6-2 record would match their highest number of wins in a preseason since they went 6-1 in 2006. Warriors coach Mark Jackson made it clear from Day 1 of training camp that he was going to try to win as many games as possible because he believed it was important for changing the culture.The real test is whether the Warriors can string wins together in the regular season, of course.No Bogut: The goal for center Andrew Bogut was to play a preseason game or two and then be ready to go by the regular-season opener on Oct. 31 against Phoenix.Well, scrap the preseason game or two now well see about the opener.Bogut, who fractured his left ankle in January and only played 12 games last season, is still not 100 percent, according to Jackson. And for now, the Warriors will move forward without him.My mindset is to prepare this team and let the chips fall where they may, Jackson said. I really like how hard he has been working. Were listening to the doctors, were listening to the training staff and were listening to his body as well.The important thing now is to understand that we need him for the long haul and we dont want him on the floor until hes 100 percent. To his credit, its not because hes not working.

Kerr's message to Warriors fans who want more pick-and-roll for Curry

Kerr's message to Warriors fans who want more pick-and-roll for Curry

Are you one of the people who thinks the Warriors need to put Steph Curry in more pick-and-roll/ball screen situations? 

If you are, that's OK.

Steve Kerr -- when asked about Draymond Green's role this past season -- talked about how Golden State uses Curry.

"Before the season started, I told our staff that I thought Draymond was gonna have the biggest adjustment to make," Kerr said on the TK Show on Wednesday. "And he made it really easily. And I think a big part of that is the fact that he's a point-forward at his core offensively.

"He handles the ball and he's our leading assist guy. And all of a sudden he had another shooter and another weapon to work with. And I thought that was really important that we established early that Draymond was still gonna be an integral part of the offense.

"I was worried about that -- I thought because KD was gonna need the ball and Steph already had the ball -- I was worried that Draymond would be a little left out of the offense and that would affect his overall game and his defense.

"In fact, it's one of the things -- I think important for our fans to understand -- because one of the things I get all the time is, 'Why don't you just put Steph in a screen-and-roll every play? Why don't you give him the ball every play?' And I think what people who follow our team closely understand is that the number of playmakers we have on our team is what makes us who we are ... drive and kick and passing and moving -- it keeps everybody engaged."

For the third year in a row, the Warriors ranked nearly the bottom of the league in pick-and-rolls.

Yet, that didn't stop Golden State from posting the best offensive rating (113.2) in NBA history.

It's also important to remember that following the Warriors' loss to the Cavs on Christmas Day -- when Curry scored 15 points and took just 11 shots -- Kerr acknowledged that he needs to put Curry in a better position to succeed.

[REWIND: Steph Curry 'definitely' wants Warriors to run more pick-and-roll]

"But for the people who say, 'Just give it to Steph every time and let him go,' well now you're alienating Draymond, you're alienating Andre, you're alienating Shaun. You're basically telling them to be spotup 3-point shooters," Kerr continued. "And now I think you're losing a lot emotionally from what makes the team tick, and you're taking away the energy that Draymond gets from being a playmaker and getting 8 or 10 assists.

"So that's the balance we always try to find with our group -- get everybody involved and energized."

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders and a Web Producer at NBC Sports Bay Area. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller

Reports: Spurs shopping LaMarcus Aldridge

Reports: Spurs shopping LaMarcus Aldridge

It appears the LaMarcus Aldridge in San Antonio could be nearing its end.

The Spurs are reportedly talking to several teams about a potential trade, according to multiple reports.

In the summer of 2015, Aldridge signed a 4-year deal worth over $84 million.

He can opt out of his deal next summer.

The 5-time All-Star will turn 32 years old in July.

His 17.3 points and 7.3 rebounds per game this season were his lowest totals since his rookie campaign.

In Games 2 through 4 of the Western Conference Finals against the Warriors, he averaged 11.3 points and 5.3 rebounds and shot less than 39 percent from the field.

Aldridge's former team -- the Portland Trail Blazers -- would be interested in acquiring Aldridge, according to Jabari Young of the San Antonio Express-News.

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders and a Web Producer at NBC Sports Bay Area. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller