Tough decisions for W's on Paul, Chandler


Tough decisions for W's on Paul, Chandler

Well, Warriors owner Joe Lacob said he wanted to be bold.Heres his chance.It's obvious Lacob and the Warriors front office are weighingwhether or not to acquire Chris Paul and Tyson Chandler in separatetransactions.While getting those two players would seem like a no-brainerfor a franchise that has missed the playoffs in 16 of the past 17 years, thereality is there is big-time risk involved.What Lacob and crew are wrestling with this morning is this:Should they trade Stephen Curry and another young player or two for Paul, whois on the last year of his contract and who will not come with anextension?Decision No. 2 is this: Should they commit in theneighborhood of 15 million per season -- more than 60 million over four years -- to Chandler, an elite interior defender but a player with an injuryhistory?Those are not easy decisions.Paul is an elite point guard and a certifiabledifference-maker, but he already has made noise about playing in New York atthe end of his contract. If the Warriors traded for him -- and gave up theirfuture and cornerstone in Curry -- theyd have to bank on convincing Paul tostay.In other words, its possible the Warriors could trade forPaul today, and come summertime they no longer have Paul or Curry.As for Chandler, the Warriors are in the game for him and ifthey really want him they have a way to get there. The Warriors are currentlyabout 7 or so million under the cap and if they used the amnesty clause onAndris Biedrins could get up to 16 or so million under.That would possibly be enough to acquire Chandler, albeit atan inflated number. Still, the Warriors have been talking defense for years,and getting Chandler would provide them a legitimate basket protector.The reality is the Warriors have an avenue to getting Pauland Chandler. Its no sure thing and its replete with risk. But theres a wayto get there.Question is: Does Lacob do it?

No sweep here: Without Isaiah Thomas, Celtics stun Cavs in Game 3

No sweep here: Without Isaiah Thomas, Celtics stun Cavs in Game 3


CLEVELAND — Avery Bradley's 3-pointer dropped in with less than a second left and the Boston Celtics, blown out in the first two games of the Eastern Conference finals and playing without star Isaiah Thomas, stunned the Cleveland Cavaliers 111-108 on Sunday night in Game 3 to end the champions' 13-game postseason winning streak.

Bradley's shot from the left wing bounced on the rim four times before going down. It capped a furious comeback by the Celtics, who trailed by 21 in the third quarter before rallying to tighten up a series that appeared to be over.

Marcus Smart scored 27 points, and Bradley had 20 for the Celtics. They were given little chance after losing by 44 in Game 2 and then losing Thomas for the rest of the postseason because of a hip injury.

Kyrie Irving scored 29 points, and Kevin Love 28 for Cleveland. The Cavaliers dropped to 10-1 in the postseason with their first loss since Game 4 of last year's Finals.

Zaza Pachulia: Popovich's words 'very big part' of threats to family

Zaza Pachulia: Popovich's words 'very big part' of threats to family

Zaza Pachulia can take being the villain in the opposing fans' eyes. But when it turns to his family, the situation becomes much different. 

Pachulia revealed Sunday to USA Today that security guards were sent to his childrens' school in San Francisco recently as a precaution after his family received threats. Spurs star forward Kawhi Leonard injured his ankle in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals after landing on Pachulia's foot and many questioned Pachulia's actions in the play. 

One person who made his feelings on Pachulia's actions loud and clear is Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich, even using the word "manslaughter" in a rant that deemed the big man a dirty player. 

“I don’t blame everything on Pop, but what he said had a lot of influence (and) you had a lot of people where, unfortunately, you can’t control what everybody’s intelligence is,” Pachulia said. “(Fans) just hear the message, and it’s, ‘Ok, Pop said so and now let’s do this.’ It’s just wrong. You’ve got to think, and realize. Threaten me, but don’t threaten my wife or say something about my kids. It’s just wrong.

“Me as a person, as a man, I don’t mind dealing with it. But I hate to see my family deal with it. My wife and my kids who have nothing to do with it, who are very innocent. ... I just hate my family going through that. They don’t deserve that. … I’m not blaming everything on (Popovich), but he was a very big part of it.”

Pachulia then went into more detail with what happened at his childrens' school. 

“Look at what happened at the school. It was unfortunate. They had to get extra security because we are living in a world today where social media is so active, you can find any news you want to, hear any news you want to, and obviously it’s a hot topic lately. They just had hired extra security for the entrance, and make sure nobody goes in the school," Pachulia said. "It’s just not fair. It does upset me."

The 33-year-old Pachulia showed his respects for Popovich as a person and a coach. What he wishes most is that Popovich would have chosen his words better. 

"I have a lot of respect for him," Pachulia said. "In today’s basketball world, he’s a very, very respected person. So when Pop says something like that, calling me out ... it's understanding that (your words) will have an effect.

"I’m going to do defend my team, but I’m not going to send a message saying this guy killed (a player), is a murderer or whatever, manslaughter, because people take it differently. We live in a society where not everybody has intelligence, or understanding or is thinking of what’s right and what’s wrong. We’re going to move on. Hopefully (the fans) can let it go. But you know, I’m sure that a year later, 10 years later, (his family is) still going to remember this moment – and not in a good way. It’s something where your heart breaks, and even though life goes on you still feel it in a bad way. I think that’s going to be the case.”

The Warriors lead the Spurs 3-0 in the Western Conference Finals. Pachulia was ruled out of Game 3 with a right heel contusion he sustained in Game 3. He is listed as questionable for Game 4.