Warriors grinding in search of next head coach

Warriors grinding in search of next head coach
May 13, 2014, 1:00 pm
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We will interview multiple people and make sure that we're doing the right thing.
Joe Lacob on search for head coach

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One week after firing Mark Jackson as Warriors head coach, we now know CEO Joe Lacob did not have a coach waiting to move into the seat vacated by Jackson.

If that were the case, the new coach would have been in place by now.

Instead, the Warriors have spent seven days strolling the open market and, so far, returning home each night unfulfilled.

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"We will interview multiple people and make sure that we're doing the right thing,'' Lacob said last week.

"We could hire a coach tomorrow. We could hire a coach a week from now. We could hire a coach a month from now. We could hire someone by free agency. We're not set to a timeline. We'll know when we have the right coach.''

Well, he did not hire a coach the next day. He did not hire one within a week. A month, however, remains possible.

More and more, though, it's looking as if the only thing the Warriors will know is when they have the right coach – who also is willing to sign a contract with them.

Their first choice, Steve Kerr, who never has coached, always was unlikely to sign. He was deep in negotiations with the Knicks, who are being reconstructed by new boss Phil Jackson. The Jackson-Kerr bond is long and strong; Kerr has spent nearly a month leaning in that direction. Barring a stunning reversal, they should reach a deal this week.

The Warriors' second choice, veteran Stan Van Gundy, has been out of coaching for two years, mostly by choice. He made it clear he's interested and likes the area, where he spent much of his childhood. But SVG would take the job only under certain conditions – broader powers than mere coaching – and the Warriors, as expected, are not willing to meet his request.

So now they reportedly are pouring another cup of persuasion to be pushed before Kerr. Yahoo! Sports reported Tuesday morning that the Warriors, figuring there must be a reason Kerr has not signed with New York, are trying now to entice him back to his beloved West Coast.

Maybe they'll be more successful this time, but not likely.

Meanwhile, third and fourth the fifth options are out there. Some are intriguing, others merely curious and a couple simply names to be tossed about.

There are veteran coaches worthy of interviews: former Sonics and Blazers coach Nate McMillan, former Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins and former Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni.

There are hot new names from the college ranks: UConn's Kevin Ollie, who built a long NBA career mostly on strength of character, and Iowa State's Fred Hoiberg, who played in the league and also has front office experience.

There is the longshot possibility of a divorce between Tom Thibodeau and the Bulls, in which case the Warriors certainly would make a run.

And, for some reason, deep in my gut, I can't shake the possibility that Lacob has the stones to go after Michigan State's Tom Izzo. He's respected, he attended Warriors playoff games and he would rank extremely high on the shock-and-wow scale.

When the Warriors dismissed Jackson, I said they'd have a new coach in place by May 16. They still have time, but they're making me sweat.

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