Warriors still not bad enough to keep pick

April 9, 2012, 4:26 am
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Four days ago, we checked in on the Warriors in hopes of seeing some change in their status re: the draft choice theyre not going to get. And to nobodys surprise, it hasnt.Theyre still 22nd when they need to be 24th, and theyre still 2 games behindahead of New Jersey with only 11 games left. The schedule was supposed to be harder down the stretch, but the Warriors are holding their own (noses), and with games at Denver and Portland before Thursdays homer against Dallas, the boys may never show the lack of gumption required.New Jersey did its best by beating the increasingly deteriorating Clevelands, and have a home-and-home against the struggling Philadelphias between now and Friday. Toronto, the other team close enough to spit at, is at Indiana Monday, and then hosts Philly and Boston. Things may tighten up this week.Then again, they havent so far. Dont get your hopes up.
CHARLOTTE 7-47 .130 --
WASHINGTON 12 -44 .214 4
NEW ORLEANS 15-41 .245 7
SACRAMENTO 19-38 .333 10.5
CLEVELAND 18-36 .333 11
TORONTO 20-37 .351 11.5
NEW JERSEY 21-37 .362 12
DETROIT 21-35 .375 13
GOLDEN STATE 22-33 .400 14.5