What were you booing Warriors fans?

March 20, 2012, 10:54 pm
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That was some event last night at Oracle Arena. After a nasty divorce from the organizationthat he put on the map, twice, Hall-of-Famer and former GM (remember that)Chris Mullin showed what a classy person he really is. Seeing Mullins No. 17 in the rafters alongwith other past Warriors superstars was a brilliant, if not obvious, productionby the Ws organization.Whats that? Youmissed it? Didnt know that there was areal reason as to why so many former Warriors greats were at a meaningless Ws-Timberwolvesgame?Sadly one of the most brilliant nights in recent Warriorsmemory was overshadowed by the national embarrassment of fans that chose the wrong time, place and event toregister a resounding boo. And by the way, they chose the wrong target.So how do we feel about the event now? Are you proud of how things played out? Did you have your voice heard? Was it worth ruining the only special eveningof Warriors basketball since the We Believe season? But I really need to know from all who were apart of the Bay Area Boo:What were you booing:

-The Monta Ellis trade (spoiler alert: the Ws were not goodwith him)-20 years of bad basketball (spoiler alert: Joe Lacob was aseason ticket holder, just like you, just two years ago)-A successful rich man (spoiler alert: the guy worked hardand became a success, how dare he?)-You didnt agree with the booingJoe Lacob joins me on Chronicle Live today at 5 pm. I would love to read the results of this onthe show so register your vote.

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