When breaking news to Warriors, Durant botched joke with GM Bob Myers

When breaking news to Warriors, Durant botched joke with GM Bob Myers

At 8:38am PT on Monday, July 4, 2016, Kevin Durant announced he was going to sign with the Warriors.

When Durant called the Warriors to notify them of his decision, what did he say?

On Wednesday, Golden State GM Bob Myers shared the following story:

"I think he thought he was gonna play a joke," Myers told ESPN's Russillio and Kanell. "He said, 'I just want to tell you I appreciate you guys coming out and meeting with me.' And then he used the word, 'but.' And I thought 'Oh man, that's too bad.' Because when somebody says something like that and then they go, 'but,' usually what follows the 'but' is 'I'm doing this or I'm staying or I'm going somewhere else.'

"But then he said, 'But, I've decided to come. I want to be a Warrior.' It was a pretty big pivot of emotion because I thought he was calling for the let-down call.

"And then I asked him later. I said, 'What were you doing? You totally fumbled that when you told me you were coming.' And he said, 'I was thinking about messing with you but then I thought forget it.' So it made sense. He kind of started to say something and then just told me what he wanted to do."

Through 56 games, Durant is averaging 25.8 points and 4.9 assists per game.

He is registering career highs in rebounds (8.3), blocks (1.7) and field goal percentage (53.9), while committing a career-low 2.3 turnovers per contest.

Report: Warriors could pursue PG Calderon if bought out by Lakers

Report: Warriors could pursue PG Calderon if bought out by Lakers

While the Warriors appear to like D-League call-up Briante Weber, they could have a chance to add a veteran point guard to that final roster spot.

Weber's second 10-day contract expires after Saturday night's game against the Nets. If the Warriors chose not to sign him for the remainder of the season, they could pursue veteran point guard Jose Calderon.

Calderon, currently under contract with the Lakers, will reportedly be bought out of his deal in the next few days, according to ESPN.

If Calderon hits the open market next week, the Warriors and Rockets could be among the suitors for his services, according to the report.

The 35-year-old veteran is averaging 3.3 points and 2.1 assists in 12.2 minutes over 24 games this season for Luke Walton and the Lakers.


McGee expresses appreciation for support from teammates in Shaq feud

McGee expresses appreciation for support from teammates in Shaq feud

OAKLAND -- Though JaVale McGee avoided direct discussion of his feud with retired NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, the Warriors center expressed his appreciation for coaches and teammates coming to his defense.

“My teammates are my brothers, and (coach) Steve Kerr is also,” McGee said after shootaround Saturday morning. “It’s a great organization and I appreciate everything they do for me. That’s why I go out there and work as hard as I can when I’m on the floor. And I know everyone sees that. They see me running up and down the floor, working as hard as I can, and in the gym every day. I’m just doing my thing and trying to be a positive person.”

O’Neal’s constant ridicule of McGee reached a low point Thursday night, when the TNT analyst unveiled a video that showed various gaffes and slights to McGee’s intellect. McGee, who has held his tongue for years despite being targeted, fired back on Twitter.

Both men exchanged several insults and it reached a point Friday where by Kevin Durant and Kerr felt compelled to defend McGee.

Kerr even acknowledged that he harbored a few preconceived notions about McGee, based on O’Neal’s yearslong derision of the 7-footer. Those notions, Kerr said, turned out to be false.

McGee said he enjoys it when people take the time to engage him in conversation and come away realizing he is not a dolt, despite O’Neal frequently implying otherwise.

“I love it when people meet me,” McGee said, “and then they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re actually smart.’ It’s kind of rude, but I’ll take it.”

One of McGee’s teammates knows a thing or two about false impressions. Even after a strong collegiate career, Draymond Green had to overcome doubts that he was worthy of being in the NBA.

So it is no surprise that, to some degree, he understands how McGee feels.

“He’s standing up for himself,” Green said. “A lot has transpired over the course of the past four years with it. And he was just at a boiling point.”