Which current Warrior could be 2013's Jeremy Lin?

February 16, 2012, 7:08 pm
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To put "Linsanity" into further (though somewhat facetious) perspective, look at it this way:

Last season, Lin averaged 2.6 points per game for the Warriors. And now he's arguably the biggest star in the NBA. (Not in terms of skills or accomplishments, of course, but in terms of momentary popularity.)

At this time last year, you probably would have laughed had you been told that Jeremy Lin would become an NBA star for the Knicks within the next 12 months. You would have laughed upon hearing how popular the Jeremy Lin jersey was, or how his success was having an enormous impact on the NBA, world-wide. Well, how would you feel today if you heard the same about...

Charles Jenkins?

Well, he fits the Jeremy Lin mold in that he is a rookie averaging 2.4 ppg for the Warriors. And he's a point guard from a small school (Hofstra). Who knows, maybe this time next year, Jenkins will be the star point guard for the Lakers or the Heat. Jenksanity, anyone? Anyone? Hello? Hello?

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