W's Riley: NBA draft likely to be heavy on Euros


W's Riley: NBA draft likely to be heavy on Euros


The NBA's draft lottery will take place on Tuesday night at 5:30, with owner Joe Lacob representing the Warriors on stage in Secaucus, N.J. The Warriors have been in the NBA's draft lottery 20 times since 1985, the year of the first one.Here's what we know going in -- This is not considered a strong draft. In fact, it's considered among the weakest in recent memory. There are no franchise-changers, no dominant big men and few sure things.BREAKDOWN: Warriors' history in the NBA draft lottery
Warriors general manager Larry Riley said because it's not a big-time draft for college players, expect to see more foreign players selected this year.
"The draft is probably going to be a little top-heavy in foreign players," Riley said. "The impact of the foreign players are going to be felt more because the college draft isn't quite as good, for two reasons."It was a little bit of a light crop anyway and we've had a number of significant players who have decided to return to college for next season. So, you're going to feel the impact of the European player this year as far as the draft goes. What you hope if you get one of them is that you'll feel the impact on the floor over the next few years."-- Raymond Ridder, the Warriors' executive director of public relations, will be the team's representative at the actual lottery drawing -- in the back room. The lottery procedure takes place before the nationally televised broadcast and in a different place from the studio.Lacob will be on stage, with 13 other team representatives.-- Not that it will be affected on Tuesday, but the Warriors also will have a second-round pick once the June 23rd NBA draft rolls around. Golden State will have the No. 44 overall selection, a pick from Phoenix that came via Chicago.-- While there is no consensus No. 1 pick, most feel it could be Duke point guard Kyrie Irving. Riley said he puts Irving in the same category as John Wall, whom Washington selected with the No. 1 pick a year ago, in terms of talent and ability."I would say yes," said Riley when asked if he was as good as Wall. "He's pretty good, deserving of consideration for being the No. 1 pick in this year's draft. No doubt about it."

What you need to know about Warriors season-ticket program for Chase Center

What you need to know about Warriors season-ticket program for Chase Center

Fully acknowledging they will be making considerable payments into the NBA’s Luxury Tax in the coming years, the Warriors are asking their fans to help.

The defending champions on Wednesday unveiled the Chase Center Membership Program, designed to generate revenue through those reserving season tickets ahead of the team’s move into the new San Francisco arena in 2019.

Members making a one-time payment for each seat receive what amounts to a Personal Seat License, except it’s fully refundable after 30 years. It is, in essence, a zero-interest loan to the franchise.

The cost of membership will vary, with roughly half costing $15,000 or less and the other half being more expensive.

The Warriors are the first NBA team to institute such a fee program, and the first American professional sports team to make the payment refundable.

Here are some of the bullet points regarding the memberships, per the Warriors:

Fully Refundable – Members will be repaid the amount of their membership investment in its entirety at the end of the 30-year term.

Installment Plan – Members will be able to pay their membership fee over time.

Price Certainty – At the time of purchase Chase Center Members will know their ticket cost for the last year at Oracle Arena in addition to the first five years at Chase Center.

Transferability – Members will have the right to transfer or sell their membership.

Access to other events – Members will have the opportunity to purchase tickets for publicly ticketed events hosted at Chase Center prior to the general public.

Third of the building not sold as season tickets – The Warriors will continue to make tickets accessible to as many fans as possible via partial plans, single-game tickets and group tickets.

Kevin Durant: Getting a mural in Oakland 'so damn cool'


Kevin Durant: Getting a mural in Oakland 'so damn cool'

Kevin Durant loves the Bay Area and the Bay Area loves Kevin Durant.

On Monday, images surfaced of a giant mural depicting Durant in a white uniform soaring towards the rim for a dunk.

confetti gang 🎉 #KD #dubnation #oakland | @jc.ro 🎨 x @gstate_warrior 📷

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On Tuesday, Durant left a message on his YouTube channel in the "Community" section:

"Winning that chip for the bay was so got damn fun, gettin a mural for runnin that sh*t up is so damn cool. Town biz, u know what it is. Love!!!!"

The mural is located in Temescal Alley in Oakland, near 49th street and Telegraph Avenue, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

Durant has not officially signed a contract yet, but he will reportedly ink a two-year deal (with a player option in Year 2) with the Warriors that will pay him between $25 and $26 million in 2017-18.

In case you forgot, Durant was named 2017 NBA Finals MVP.

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders and a Web Producer at NBC Sports Bay Area. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller