49ers notebook: Baalke Q&A at combine


49ers notebook: Baalke Q&A at combine

Feb. 24, 2011INDIANAPOLIS -- San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke had a Q&A session with the media Thursday at the NFL scouting combine. Here is the complete transcript:Q: How does the offensive line group measure up this year?
Baalke: "I think overall it's a good group. Top to bottom, there is a lot of depth. But I think there is depth throughout the draft."Q: Is the O-line group lacking at the top end, since so many guys have gone in the top 5 in past years?
Baalke: "That's up to each individual team to assess. Once again, I think the draft is going to be a good draft. It's going to be a deep draft at a lot of positions, and I think there will be good players to be found throughout it."Q: How important is an offensive lineman's intelligence?
Baalke: "Yeah, I think obviously intelligence is a factor at every position. You want to build teams that are smart. Smart football teams win games, and that's been proven over time. So, it's a factor at the offensive line position, but it's a factor throughout at every position."Q: How does having free agency after the draft alter your strategy?
Baalke: "I think it alters your strategy, but you have to be prepared for any scenario that comes up right now. Because there's a lot of unknowns. That's exactly where we're at, prepared for whatever scenarios take place."Q: Does late free agency make drafting a quarterback a higher priority?
Baalke: "I don't think so. Once again, you got to be ready regardless. You have to have a plan for free agency. You have to have a trade plan. You have to have a plan for the draft. The order of it, obviously, if it was a traditional order, it would make it easier for us to make decisions. But you got to be prepared. It's an obstacle and we're prepared for it."Q: What about the strength of the quarterback class? Is it in the middle rounds?
Baalke: "Once again, that's in the eye of the beholder, where the depth of the quarterback position, or where the depth of any of these positions, is. Whether it's top-loaded, bottom-loaded or loaded in the middle. There are good quarterbacks at every level in this draft. There are going to be guys who get picked later on who become good quarterbacks. There are going to be guys who get picked early that maybe don't have the success to where they've been picked. That's been proven over time. So, we're going to evaluate every one of them and put a value on every one of them -- like we are with every player in this draft -- and be in a position to pick them where we have them valued."Q: Do you rely on Jim Harbaugh more for the quarterback evaluation?
Baalke: "Well, obviously we do. He's not only our head coach, but he's played the position and he's proven that he can develop the quarterback in places he's been. And he's also proven in his short time in the league that he has an eye for that position. So, with that in mind, we're going to use all of our resources."Q: Are you talking about the evaluations he had with with Raiders.
Baalke: "Yeah, the evaluations with the Raiders."Q: Who were your influences coming up through the ranks?
Baalke: "I think it starts with my first job, with the Jets, and being fortunate enough to work for one of the best talent evaluators in the business in Dick Haley. I learned a lot from Mr. Haley. Also on that staff was coach (Bill) Parcells, who I still consult and learned a tremendous amount from. Coach (Bill) Belichick was a part of that group, and that entire staff. That staff was loaded with talent."Q: What did you learn from Belichick?
Baalke: "More than anything, just his work ethic and his intelligence, his understanding of the game -- every facet of the game and what it takes to play the game."Q: How much will the quarterback position -- and how the needs are addressed -- affect who wins the NFC West?
Baalke: "I think it's proven -- you need a quarterback. This is a quarterback-driven league and you need a guy that can function at that position to be successful. With that in mind, whoever does a better job of answering that question and solidifying that position on their team is at an advantage. It will come down to who can do that and who can surround him with the best possible personnel."Q: Coach Harbaugh talks a lot about "athletic instincts" when evaluating a quarterback. How important that when it comes to evaluating quarterbacks?
Baalke: "Their ability to adapt to different situations that they come up with. They got to be able to think on their feet, be able to throw from multiple positions and they got to do it with accuracy and arm strength. So, I think when you're talking about the athletic instincts of a player (it's) his ability to drop back, to feel the defense, to make quick-snap judgments and make them while he is in the pocket, make them while he is on the move, from all different situations on the field."Q: Did you consult with John Harbaugh when you were decided to hire Jim?
Baalke: "No. I have never met John. As far as how his family background played into it, I am a big believer in pedigree. Jim has been a football guy his entire life. His father was a well-respected coach, so he grew up playing it and wanting to be a coach. He started coaching,as a matter of fact, while he was still playing. He is a football man. He loves the game. He had a big respect for the game, and I think that's the passion that I saw in him. I just have a real good feel that he is going to be successful."Q: Frank Gore was the bell cow in past years. Will he still be?
Baalke: "Frank is definitely a bell cow. He's a heck of a football player, and a heck of a young man. Coach has come out and said we're going to take every advantage in using Frank, like we have over the years. But we're also going to develop some young guys. We got Anthony Dixon,who we're high on. And obviously we're going to look to supplement that position moving forward, whether it's through free agency or the draft or a potential trade. One of those three scenarios is going to land us another running back."

Falcons C Mack explains what makes Shanahan's offense so effective

Falcons C Mack explains what makes Shanahan's offense so effective

The Atlanta Falcons had the highest scoring offense during the 2016 regular season, averaging 33.8 points per game, and they racked up 6,653 total yards.

In two playoff games, they've scored a combined 80 points.

The architect of that high-powered offense is Kyle Shanahan, who is the presumptive head coach of the 49ers.

So what makes Shanahan's scheme so effective?

Falcons starting center and former Cal Bears star Alex Mack answered that on ESPN's Mike and Mike show on Tuesday.

"He does a really good job of just having a very balanced offense. We want to run outside schemes. we want to run outside zone, we want to be really effective at doing that. And when a team stops you from doing that, when they put people over there, or they slant out or whatever they do to stop that, he has the backup plan," Mack said.

"He knows exactly when they bring that safety down to make it really tough to run outside zone, well that's going to open up some throws later down the field. And then when they put someone out there on the throws, well, there's a bigger cutback lane, so he calls a different run for that. So our offense is really built around being balanced and having an answer for what the defense wants to do to stop us," Mack continued.

Mack, Shanahan and the Falcons are set to put their No. 1 scoring offense to the test against the Patriots' No. 1 scoring defense in Super Bowl 51 in Houston on Feb. 5, 2017.


49ers freeze ticket prices for 2017, 2018 seasons


49ers freeze ticket prices for 2017, 2018 seasons

The 49ers on Tuesday informed season ticket holders that ticket prices will not increase for the 2017 and 2018 seasons. 

"We are announcing that 49ers season ticket pricing will be frozen through the 2018 season," the team wrote in an email to its season ticket holder. "Invoices for your 2017 season tickets will be made available to view and pay online in the coming weeks, including the option to enroll in a multi-month payment plan."

"Thank you for your valued and continued support as a 49ers Season Ticket Member. We look forward to serving you this season!"

The 49ers will enter the 2017 season with a new general manager and head coach after firing both Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly following their 2-14 2016 season.