Exclusive: Aldon Smith eager for truth to emerge

Exclusive: Aldon Smith eager for truth to emerge
May 16, 2014, 3:00 pm
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Anybody who has a kid, it’ll change your life. Somebody who looks up to you and you see the affect you have on his life and how important you are to him.
Aldon Smith

SAN FRANCISCO –- Aldon Smith, who has become known as much for high-profile off-field incidents as his prodigious football talent, said he believes the public is getting only half the story.

The 49ers' star linebacker declined to comment specifically on weapons and DUI charges he is facing, as well as an investigation into an incident last month at Los Angeles International Airport. But he made it clear he is eagerly waiting for the truth to come out via the legal system.

“I’m a good person, and the people who know me know I’m a good person,” Smith said during a visit Friday to the Comcast SportsNet Bay Area studio.

“Maybe after this is over, you can tell your friends I’m a good person. Anybody who hangs around me can tell that. A lot of these things are being painted in a picture that’s not true.”

The latest incident involving Smith occurred April 13, when he was arrested for making a false report of a bomb threat after passing through a security line at LAX. The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office turned over Smith's case to the City Attorney's office for possible misdemeanor consideration. The City Attorney’s office is still weighing whether to formally charge Smith.

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CSNBayArea.com previously reported Smith told the 49ers he never said the word “bomb” during the incident at LAX, according to a source.

The 49ers on May 3 formally picked up Smith’s fifth-year option at $9.754 million for the 2015 season.

“The 49ers have supported me,” said Smith, who has 42 quarterback sacks in 43 games since being the No. 7 overall pick in the 2011 draft. “As you can see, the option got picked up. And if I was a thug or something, I don’t think they’d take those chances.”

Smith missed five games last season after taking a voluntary leave to enter treatment for substance abuse following his DUI arrest in San Jose on Sept. 20. Smith indicated everything is going well in his private life.

“Yeah, I feel good,” he said. “I’ve handled a lot of things about me, especially things that are not true. My life is good. I have a son at home. My family is doing good. I’m living day by day and enjoying life.”

Smith faces three felony weapons charges as well as a misdemeanor DUI charge. His next hearing is scheduled for May 21 in Santa Clara Superior Court.

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According to court documents, Smith purchased the weapons legally in Arizona. The assault rifles required a “bullet button” in order to be legal in California. Smith handed over the weapons during the investigation stemming into a June 2012 house party that was reportedly crashed by gang members. Two partygoers were shot and Smith sustained stab wounds.

“You got to control your situations better,” Smith said. “That’s one thing I have learned. Make better decisions on things like that.”

His 17-month-old son, Aulis, spends most of his time with Smith in San Jose, he said. Being a father has changed him, he said.

“Anybody who has a kid, it’ll change your life,” Smith said. “Somebody who looks up to you and you see the affect you have on his life and how important you are to him. It makes you make decisions and you think twice about things.”