Full details of Alex Smith's contract


Full details of Alex Smith's contract

Quarterback Alex Smith's contract counts $9.25 million against the 49ers' 2012 salary cap, according to a document obtained Thursday by CSNBayArea.com through an NFL Players Association source.

Smith signed a three-year, $24 million contract with $9 million in guaranteed money, as reported on Wednesday. The deal can average as much as $11 million annually if Smith maxes out his incentives and escalator.

On the surface, the contract looks as if it contains $16.5 million in guaranteed money. But Smith's second-year base salary of $7.5 million is fully guaranteed only if Smith remains on the 49ers' roster on April 1, 2013.

Smith received no signing bonus, but his $5 million base salary and $3 million roster bonus for 2012 are guaranteed. Also, $1 million of his second-year salary is fully guaranteed.

In figuring Smith's cap figure, likely-to-be-earned incentives of $1.25 million count each of the three seasons because Smith would have reached those incentives with his performance from last season.

Smith's projected cap figures for the three years of his contract are $9.25 million in 2012, $9.75 million in 2013, and $8.75 million in 2014.

Here's how Smith's average salary per season ranks among other quarterbacks in the NFL (with years the deals span):

Average QB salaries per year
Peyton Manning 19.2 million (2012-'16)
Tom Brady 18 million (2010-'14)
Michael Vick 16.67 million (2011-'16)
Eli Manning 16.25 (2009-'15)
Philip Rivers 15.3 million (2009-'15)
Jay Cutler 14.67 (2009-'13)
Ben Roethlisberger 14.67 million (2011-'15)
Drew Brees 14.4 million (2012)
Mark Sanchez 13.49 (2012-'16)
Sam Bradford 13 million (2010-'15)
Aaron Rodgers 12.7 million (2008-'14)
Kevin Kolb 12.4 million (2011-'16)
Matthew Stafford 12 million (2009-'14)
Tony Romo 11.25 million (2011-'16)
Matt Ryan 11.25 million (2008-'13)
Ryan Fitzpatrick 9.83 million (2011-'17)
Matt Cassel 9.66 million (2009-'14)
Matt Schaub 8 million (2007-'12)
Alex Smith 8 million (2012-'14)
-Exclusive franchise tag (subject to raise)

Other notable quarterbacks
Matt Flynn 6.5 million (2012-'14)
Cam Newton 5.5 million (2011-'14)
Josh Freeman 5.24 million (2009-'13)
Tim Tebow 4.55 million (2010-'14)
Joe Flacco 4.33 million (2008-'12)

From NFL Players Association sources

Source: 49ers agree to four-year deal with former Dolphins DT

Source: 49ers agree to four-year deal with former Dolphins DT

The San Francisco 49ers agreed to a four-year, $16 million deal with defensive tackle Earl Mitchell on Friday, CSNBayArea.com has learned

Mitchell, 29, will earn $5.5 million in his first year with the 49ers. 

The seven-year veteran played in nine games last season for the Dolphins. He recorded 17 total tackles. 

Since entering the league in 2010 as a third-round draft pick with the Texans, Mitchell has appeared in 100 games between Houston and Miami, totaling 206 tackles. He has also recorded 5.5 sacks. 

49ers 2017 NFL Draft picks

49ers 2017 NFL Draft picks

The San Francisco 49ers have a total of 10 picks in the 2017 NFL Draft. 

Here is where they will be on the clock in each round:

1. First round: No. 2 overall
2. Second round: No. 34 overall
3. Third round: No. 66 overall
4. Fourth round: No. 109 overall
5. Fourth round: No. 143 overall (compensatory)
6. Fifth round: No. 146 overall
7. Fifth round: No. 161 (pick acquired from Washington in 2015 trade for TE Derek Carrier)
8. Sixth round: No. 186 overall
9. Sixth round: No. 202 overall (pick acquired from Denver in 2015 trade for TE Vernon Davis)
10. Seventh round: No. 219 overall (pick acquired from Cleveland in 2015 trade for Andy Lee)