Harbaugh expects Davis, Boone to attend mandatory minicamp

Harbaugh expects Davis, Boone to attend mandatory minicamp
June 11, 2014, 11:15 am
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Uh, I’d expect that, yeah.
Jim Harbaugh

The “voluntary” phase of the 49ers’ offseason program concludes this week.

The 49ers wrap up the official nine-week program next week with a mandatory three-day minicamp in Santa Clara, which runs Tuesday through Thursday, June 19.

Tight end Vernon Davis and guard Alex Boone have not taken part in the offseason program as they seek leverage for new contracts. Both men have two years remaining on their deals.

When asked if he expected Davis to take part in the mandatory camp, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh on Tuesday answered, “Uh, I’d expect that, yeah.”

Davis has been vague when answering questions about whether he plans to attend. "If it's mandatory, I think I should be there,” Davis said last week. Boone has made no statement about his absence.

It’s doubtful Harbaugh has any inside knowledge because it does the players no good to inform teams of what leverage they might use to achieve a new contract. Obviously, the reason Harbaugh expects both Davis and Boone to be present is because attendance during the minicamp is mandatory.

Any player who chooses not to attend the minicamp can be fined nearly $70,000 under the league’s collective bargaining agreement. Davis has already forfeited a $200,000 workout bonus this offseason. Boone failed to pick up his $50,000 bonus due to his absence in the offseason program.

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