Levi's stadium helps 49ers increase financial value

Levi's stadium helps 49ers increase financial value
July 18, 2014, 1:45 pm
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Levi's Stadium holds 68,500 seats, and will be the site for Super Bowl 50. (USATSI)

On Thursday, San Francisco 49ers team president Jed York unveiled the $1.2 billion new home of the team.

This upcoming season, the 49ers will play their home games at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara.

Last year, the team reached a 20-year, $220 million naming rights deal with Levi Strauss. 

As a result, Forbes Magazine has ranked the 49ers as the 20th most valuable sports team in the world.

Although San Francisco occupied a higher spot (17th ) in 2013, the team's value did increase this year. The 49ers are currently worth $1.224 billion.    



Forbes Top 50 List


1. Real Madrid


2. Barcelona


3. Manchester United


4. New York Yankees


5. Dallas Cowboys


6. Los Angeles Dodgers


7. Bayern Munich


8. New England Patriots


9. Washington Redskins


10. New York Giants


11. Boston Red Sox


12. Houston Texans


13. New York Knicks


14. New York Jets


15. Los Angeles Lakers


16. Arsenal


17. Philadelphia Eagles


18. Chicago Bears


19. Baltimore Ravens


20. San Francisco 49ers


*21. Chicago Cubs 


*21. Ferrari


*21. Indianapolis Colts


24. Green Bay Packers


25. Denver Broncos


26. Toronto Maple Leafs


27. Pittsburgh Steelers


28. Seattle Seahawks


29. Miami Dolphins


30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers


31. Carolina Panthers


32. Tennessee Titans


33. Kansas City Chiefs


34. Minnesota Vikings


35. Cleveland Browns


36. New Orleans Saints


37. Chicago Bulls


*37. San Francisco Giants


39. Philadelphia Phillies


40. Arizona Cardinals


41. San Diego Chargers


42. Atlanta Falcons


43. Cincinnati Bengals


44. Detroit Lions


*45. Boston Celtics


*45. St. Louis Rams


47. Buffalo Bills


48. Chelsea


49. Manchester City


50. AC Milan 


*Tied, teams are valued the same


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