Montana wants Kaepernick and Wilson on his team

Montana wants Kaepernick and Wilson on his team
April 28, 2014, 6:00 pm
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Colin gets it done in the pocket better than I can get it done with the read option.
Joe Montana comparing himself to Colin Kaepernick

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Hall of Fame quarterback and 49ers legend Joe Montana will take Colin Kaepernick on his team.

And if he can’t get him, he’d gladly accept Russell Wilson.

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The four-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback appeared on Yahoo! SportsTalk Live on Monday and spoke of how Kaepernick just needs one play to push him over the top – much the way “The Catch” was the springboard for Montana's career in his third NFL season.

“He’s got a lot of skills and sometimes it takes one play – like it did for us with the 49ers playing against the Cowboys,” Montana said. “Sometimes it just takes one play that makes a difference and turns things around. I wasn’t as talented as he is at this point in my career, so I think there are a lot of great things ahead for Colin.”

When host Jim Kozimor asked Montana what kind of advice he had for Kaepernick, Montana proceeded cautiously.

“I said this once but everybody got mad at me because nobody played the whole sequence of what was asked,” he said. “I said the only thing that happens with guys like that, they don’t throw from the pocket a lot and decision-making is a little bit different in there. I said it would be like asking me to run the read option.

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“Can I run the read option? Yeah, I can get it done. Colin gets it done in the pocket better than I can get it done with the read option. But I think that’s the biggest thing. Other than that, the guy seems to be pretty solid. He’s big. He’s strong. He throws it well. (He has) great anticipation, which you need in that league, getting the ball out of your hand. And he can run like a deer.”

Montana mentioned Kaepernick and Seattle’s Super Bowl-winning quarterback when asked to pick which quarterback he would want on his team.

“Obviously, Colin would be at the top of the list,” Montana said. “Keeping those kinds of guys healthy, as long as you can get him to understand, ‘Hey, when you get outside the pocket, you got to protect yourself. I know you’re big and strong, but you can get on the ground and get out of bounds.’

“You take someone like him. Otherwise, I go with the guy (Wilson) who won the Super Bowl this year. He makes great decisions in the pocket, can get out of the pocket, can throw on the run. He can do a little bit of everything also. So I take those two guys.”

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