PFT: 49ers' Spikes against player-run workouts

July 6, 2011, 11:41 pm
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July 6, 2011

Michael David Smith
ProFootballTalk.comFree agent linebacker Takeo Spikes has said this offseason that he wont participate in the 49ers player-organized workouts because he isnt under contract to the 49ers in 2011. But plenty of players who are headed for free agency when the lockout ends are still working out with the players who were their teammates last season, and Spikes acknowledges that theres more to his absence from the 49ers player-organized workouts.RATTO: Why is Camp Alex so riveting?
Basically, Spikes told the 2 Live Stews, he just doesnt like player-organized workouts, thinks theyre a bad idea and thinks players participating are interested in good press as much as theyre genuinely interested in getting better.READ MORE AT PROFOOTBALLTALK.COM